Journal Entry 26 – After Rain Scenes

Journal Entry 26 Thursday , 23th March 2021 Time: 8 PM - After Rain Scenes

Today has turned out to be a great day finally, you know that amazing feeling when it rains during the terrible summer season. Today especially has not been quite a good day, and on top of that, the heat really annoyed me. Even so, I did not give up my workout routine, because I am genuinely loving it. But I chose a shorter duration of workout today because I could not be patient for long. When my workout was almost over, I heard thundering and saw lightning flash across the curtains….aww…what else could I want! The signal of rain in this scorching summer made me feel better for sure. Yet, I did not trust the signals completely, because there have been times when rain simply disappeared after a great build-up.

Hence, I waited for the rain to start, so that I can be happy with no doubts within. So I could feel the slow cool breeze through the windows and that pleasant smell when rain falls on the soil. I have always loved that smell, since childhood. So, it was a perfect mood now, and my workout mood just increased, because working out in such nice weather, especially at night, would be the best feeling ever. I finished my workout within the next 5 minutes and was almost gonna bathe, when the idea of  going and getting wet in the rain just like how I used to in childhood came to me. Gratefully, my parents allowed me to do the same, but told me not to stay long under the rain, because it is the first rain after a long time and hence could be toxic and stuff!

I have always loved dancing in rain, like to simply jump and jump as if nobody is watching me and to feel those water drops fall on my face, the fragrance around at the time of rain, it is overall definitely an awesome mood. So, I enjoyed playing in the rain for about 10 minutes and was completely wet. Then, I came to the bathroom, and looked at myself in the mirror, in which I looked super sexy because I had worn a white t-shirt and a pink bra inside and altogether being wet looked hot. My clothes stuck to my body clearly showing off my curvy body. With great effort, I removed my bra alone and looked at my breasts through my t-shirt, how aroused my nipples were and how they could be seen through the white cloth. I am in love with this feeling when my body is wet with water as well as the horniness to simply explore how every part of my body feels.

I then removed my shorts and panties and rubbed my pussy, to make it feel warm after getting cold in the rain. I was somehow excited to have fun with my clitoral area because it felt awesome to touch now, after being soaked in rainwater. In the beginning, I rubbed the clit area, concentrating more over there, than on the rest of my pussy. And I could feel the pleasure, as I started to vibrate my fingers over there. I decided to sit down on the bathroom floor to enjoy it more, rather than standing, and opened my legs more apart to explore the inner depths of my pussy as always. I inserted my finger into the hole and pulled it out, slowly, to feel the pleasure, after which I speeded up the process, for about 3 minutes.

But unfortunately, I had felt a little burning over there, probably due to the less amount of natural lubrication this time, due to which I could not experience the pleasure of orgasm this time. Yet, I loved this new experience of masturbating after the rain!

Journal Entry 25 – Finding a New Natural Toy

Journal Entry 25 Friday , 19th March 2021 Time: 12 PM - Finding a New Natural Toy

So today, I have been feeling all horny and moody right from the morning. I had even started my day by giving my boobs a massage, while in bed, due to which the mood seemed to remain throughout the day. I am in a mood to try something new today, to try something different sexually, something I have not done or experienced so far. I kept on thinking about how to go about it, during my online classes lol! Then, I went into the kitchen, where I found the apt object to try masturbating with. Yup… it’s that cute long dick-shaped vegetable, “The Brinjal”. I have homegrown brinjals, which are so natural in length, but a bit thorny at one end, the stem part.

There were about 5 brinjals, which my mom had plucked from our kitchen garden. I was confused about which one to steal from the kitchen…Lol! Since my mom saw me walking around the house jobless, she asked me if I could help her in cleaning the fridge…I thought for a while and realized that it would be the best opportunity to steal my toy for today… and after putting in an effort of like half an hour, I slowly took it to my room, and closed the door, in the name of taking a shower. As I said before, one end of the vegetable had thorny parts, which was dangerous for this act of course. Hence, I grabbed my scissors and cut that part off. Now, it seemed perfect and exciting. Also, this was my first time experimenting with a vegetable. I was sure that it would not break in between or something… yet I was just excited to start off and give a treat to my pussy.

I decided to lubricate the vegetable as well as my pussy with coconut oil, because yes it was thicker than I thought. I loved the process of oiling it too…imagining oiling a thick fleshy penis. So, I removed my t-shirt and shorts, and had a quick look in front of the mirror, to see my damn erect nipples, peeping through my bra which probably knew something interesting was ahead. Everything was almost set, but I was confused about which position to try. After a lot of great thinking, maybe like 2 minutes, I decided to try two positions in total, which would hopefully give me an orgasm.

My first position was doggy style because I was aroused by reading a secret sex experience on quora. I removed my panties, because it would be more comfortable to insert them then, but had my bra on. So, I faced the mirror, balanced with one hand on the ground, while the other rubbed the tip of the vegetable on my clits. I could no longer wait to let the vegetable in, and feel the pleasure of this thick and yummy natural toy inside me! I slowly pushed it in, though it hurt a bit, but was alright as it reached the depths. I did not move it for like one minute or so, because I just wanted to feel my pussy stuffed. Then, I pulled it out and pushed it in again and continued the same for only about 2 minutes, because the position was really hard to maintain without proper support. As I looked at the brinjal, it looked yummy covered with my fluid.

I was eager to try the next position, to hold it below the pussy, and squat over it. I thought it would be better to remove my bra for this position and enjoy the way my boobs bounce as well. It seemed way more comfortable than the previous one, I also gave gaps in between to massage my boobs and then continued doing it, on which I spent a total of like 5 minutes perhaps. While masturbating, I loved how my belly button shrinks as I would squat in the process.

The session was an unforgettable one for me because this was my first session with a vegetable in place of a toy. To add to the happiness, I was super happy to feel the peak of my climax this time, which was definitely because of that extra excitement I suppose.

Journal Entry 24 – Tempting Times

Journal Entry 24 Thursday , 18th March 2021 Time: 9 30 AM - Tempting Times

I have been a little busy with my classes since this is my last semester at college, all sorts of work like group projects and viva and stuff. We have a project coordinator, who always makes us redo the project chapters for no reason. Me and my teammate, always end up spending time editing it, making me spend some more time in front of the laptop. It is hectic during the summer. Also, in a place like Kerala where power cuts happen now and then, means making me work sitting in the hot and humid climate. So, even today, they have announced a power shut down, and to my misfortune, our inverter seems to be overloaded, due to which, it has stopped working too.

The deadline to submit the edited chapters is by tonight, due to which I cannot give up on this work, despite the situation. I sat on the chair, with my laptop on the table, wearing my knee-length sleeveless dress, with a  long zip opening in the center, until the level of my belly button. I just wanted to get more air circulation for my body, so that I can finish off the task asap. Then came an idea into my mind. I ran to my mother and told her that I am gonna have a meeting regarding the project, due to which I’ll have to close the door for a while, and asked everyone at home, not to disturb me during the time being.

Ha ha….what a master plan that was! I came back, locked my room door, and unzipped my dress in front of the mirror. I stood there for a while, as I could not take my eyes off from how well the bra I wore fitted me and gave me that super sexy look, especially now, as I had unzipped my dress in the front. Also, my bra being black, gave my skin tone, a lighter shade, which looked fabulous in the mirror. Ohh no…I did not wanna get distracted this time, but yet, it happened! I pulled my arms out of the sleeves, pulled down the dress til my boobs and unhooked my bra, in thought to wear the dress alone, with the zip open, and continue with the edits. I tried concentrating on the project for about 5 minutes, but I just could not. My erect nipples simply aroused me, tempting me to suck them hard. I quickly closed the laptop on the table, , around them in a circular motion and also at the tip of my nipples, in a playful manner. Aww….I could not stop doing this for about 3 minutes at a stretch, because it had honestly been so long since I sucked my nipples. I did the same with my left breast but decided to give a mild bite, on the nipples, because they were erect af. Oh my goodness, this sort of pleasure after quite a long time, it just gave me the best feeling ever!

Then, I sat straight in the legs crossed position, on the bed leaning my back on the wall behind. I could feel the wetness of my pussy on my panties, which tempted my fingers to explore over there next.  I was not in a mood to spend more time, because time seemed to be running so fast. Yet, I spend almost 5 minutes massaging the opening of my pussy with my left hand, through my panties and then pulling my clits, which were like tender petals like that of a flower.

And finally, I was back to the normal sessions as before, which ended up without a great climax, yet good levels of satisfaction and relaxation!

Journal Entry 23 – Home Alone Times!

Journal Entry 23 Tuesday , 16th March 2021 Time: 7 PM - Home Alone Times!

Again..all I have to describe is about the terrible summer season, which makes me tired every day, the sun drinking up all my energy and I simply wait for the evenings and nights, which seem to be a bit cooler in temperature, which puts me in a better mood as always. It’s time for my evening refreshing bath and my gateway to freedom, braless, with the vibe of yellow fairy lights in my room! Today I had also come across various DIY cloth stuff, which seemed impractical to wear outside casually. Yet, I thought why not try it at home to add spice to my home alone times. My parents were at my relative’s place, for a function, which I could not attend due to my classes. Yet, I am happy, I get some home alone time again, especially at night, which is very rare.

So, as usual, I finished my workout and got all drenched in sweat. I chose to wear a super sexy laced slip along with my panties for  this home alone night, to make the best out of it. I usually take my clothes to the bathroom, but today I left them on my bed, to step out maybe naked after the bath, and admire my wet and sexy body in the mirror, with the yellow dim lights around. I decided to take a shower bath, which I do only when I am high in the mood. I undressed and threw my clothes onto the ground, in a dramatic way because I knew this was the best opportunity, which came up only rarely for me!

Then, I applied coconut oil, on my upper body, my neck, around my shoulders, on my juicy boobs, and then around my belly button. I have always loved admiring my body, when I bathe, after applying coconut oil, the way the water droplets remain on my super moisturized body parts. I wore a shower cap since I did not wanna wash my hair because that was gonna consume a lot of time. I spent around 15 minutes under the shower, massaging my boobs in between too! Then I folded my long towel, as I saw in the video, in a way that wrapped around my chest area, front and the back.

As I then stepped out of the bathroom, wiped my feet on the mat, I walked straight to the long mirror, and slowly unwrapped the DIY towel wrap around to see my fully naked body and what changes have happened to my body. It was sad to see those marks underneath my breasts, which returned since I started wearing bras in the daytime again nowadays. Otherwise, it was as natural as before, but a bit oily today, which looked attractive. I closed my curtains, so that nobody could peep through, and went close to the mirror, I do not know what made this, but I grabbed my breasts with both hands, just by my nipples, and pinched them hard, being super lubricated, they felt silky smooth and slippery. I pinched them about three times, and experimented pulling them a bit upwards and then leaving it, which made my boobs jiggle wild. And how will I miss my favorite part of giving my boobs that filmy shake, especially now that they look extra juicy with the oil and water droplets on it?

Now, I slowly massaged my pussy area, which was still hairy and wet, with water as well as my yummy fluid. I kept rubbing the surface of my pussy with my left hand, around and around, to make it warmer. After about 2 minutes, I moved my legs a little wider, and while in the same standing position, I inserted my left-hand middle finger, into my  hole, reaching the depths of my pussy, moving in a vibratory motion, with my right hand resting on the hip. It felt amazing to see my reflection on the mirror as well. I could see my body, my full-body’s movements in front of the mirror, to which I was lost in the moment. The way my abdomen muscles contracted and how well my curves looked while masturbating. How can I not appreciate my boobs which too were responding with damn erect nipples!

I continued fingering for about 3 minutes and looked at how my middle finger was covered with my white-colored fluid, making it cause another orgasm, which is a hattrick in a row… to my surprise again!

Journal Entry 22 – Sexy Summer Nights

Journal Entry 22 Saturday , 13th March 2021 Time: 11 PM - Sexy Summer Nights

Well today, I felt frustrated because of the huge climate change that is taking place. Every other season in India feels good, except for the terrible summer, which simply turns hotter and hotter every year. So, I have always had a set of summer home clothes, to survive such temperatures. Another interesting thing that I had noticed about myself is that every year, during summer, my horniness is at its peak… I wondered why this  happens. Like, I have noticed this right from the time I started self-exploring. Like, I usually forget about this during other times of the year, but somehow I get aroused on summer nights. Maybe it’s the time of vacations at school and college, but I still wonder why this happens to me!

So, it is again one such summer night. I decided to sleep in my slip and shorts alone, because, the less the clothes, the better the sleep is in summer for me. Hence, I am wearing my nude-colored slip and my blue-colored shorts, sleeping in my favorite corner of the bed, the window side. I love how the street lights reflect on my body. And as usual, I suddenly awoke from my sleep, and gazed at the lights. I felt completely free as though I was wearing nothing on. I tilted my head down, and looked at my boobs. Since I was lying sideways, I noticed how the slip got stuck in between my boobs. It was like two balloons wrapped with a cloth, which aroused me to feel pleasure. I even imagined what it would be like if a robber just sneaked into my room, and saw me like this, how we would end up satisfying each other. Lol. So, I gave space in my mind for a stranger now and imagined how eager he would be to grab my breasts and even suck them. Yet, I would let him wait outside the window, and tempt him slowly. Ahh…. I wished for some good-looking stranger to peep through the window!

I wanted to feel the hardness of my nipples, and how he would admire them through the window grill, eagerly waiting for a chance to suck them. I slowly removed the thin straps of my slip, to show off my round shoulders, and then a wider cleavage. Oops… I had to pull that part of the slip stuck in between my breasts to proceed to undress. I did so and admired how long my breasts looked in that sideways sleeping position, in such a way that I could only see the areolas of my nipples and not the tips! Then, I slowly gave myself some extra arousal with the fingers, by moving them from the neck, to in between my boobs, which led to my belly button! Uff….. I wondered how extra satisfying it would have been if somebody else had done it for me….

Then, I slowly pulled down one side of my shorts to feel that curve of my hip, as well as to massage my ass slightly. I ran my hands over my hip and massaged my ass by sliding in through my shorts. How can I miss tempting my imaginary stranger to my pussy, which he can probably ride during this summer night? I pulled down the other side of my shorts, with my panties too, down to my knees, and exposed my cute V-shaped hairy pussy! I would love to get my pussy licked and sucked, just like how one would do a French kiss on the lips. And  I would give in return an amazing blowjob to my imaginary stranger, in a 69-position. I could no longer resist fingering my pussy to the fullest, until my fingers would get tired. I wondered if there were sex toys, which could give the satisfaction of oral sex! I continued to finger my pussy, firstly in my pussy opening, up and down, then round and round on the area near the vaginal canal and finally into the depth of my pussy in and out, for about 10 minutes perhaps. It was indeed quite a long session.

And surprisingly I had yet another climax even though I had one in the very same week recently. I would give all the credit to my imaginary stranger, who filled me up with curiosity and desire!

Journal Entry 21 – Never Ending Sexual Imaginations!

Journal Entry 21 Thursday , 11th March 2021 Time: 9 PM - Never Ending Sexual Imaginations!

I always get these exciting sorts of wonders, especially concerning sex, right since from when I came to know about this adult stuff. So, today one such thought which came to my mind was how men shave their pubic hair, and how it would be on the super sensitive skin of their dick. Hence, I decided to look upon the internet, and chose youtube, since I wanted to see it visually as well.

As I searched, there were some videos on how men get the waxing done. The interesting part was how women were doing the waxing for them, while men lay naked, with their dick exposed to the lady carrying out the task. I wondered how both of them would feel, the lady getting a chance to explore a stranger’s dick, for this purpose. I also wondered, how would she be controlling herself from giving him a handjob or even a blowjob. But the waxing seemed to be painful over there, as it would be for every woman as well!

So I watched about three to five videos, in which the dick was hard and aroused I suppose, maybe a reaction as a result of the pain too! So, these in turn were more than enough to give rise to my imaginations. I imagined how I would be such a sluttish woman, if I was in those ladies’ roles, I would try to make use of the opportunity, to feel the most out of the dicks I liked the best for sure!

I was wearing a t-shirt with buttons, with my bra inside. I imagined how I could touch the tips of the dick, with my nipples, and rub it slowly. I quickly unhooked my bra, and removed the bra out, with the shirt on, which was quite a tedious task, but I just wanted to feel my hard nipples. And then I removed a few buttons, so that I could take my boobs out. I squeezed them together, all plumpy and hard of course and I lay on my stomach, to make them look juicer. I wanted to place something underneath, on the surface of the bed, some raw object like a dick, so that I could feel my two tender nipple tips rubbing against an object. But I could not find any such object nearby, so I decided to moisturize my nipples instead so that I could feel them wet and moist. I gave my boobs a few shakes, in that same position, and enjoyed the way my boobs jiggled left and right.

I then sat straight on the bed, imagining me sitting on a man, and shaving his dick, playing with his dick, and teasing him. Also, how it would be to insert his dick in between my bust..and give him a boobjob or whatever it’s called! Lol! Hence, I decided to masturbate in a different position this time. In some what of a cowgirl style sex posture, I placed my basic 6 inches long dildo below, so I could insert it into my pussy hole. I balanced with my hands on the bed, and my ass towards the bed, because, only then was this position possible, since I did not have a real man to do it to right now. I ensured that the toy remained firm underneath, by placing them in between the crack of the two single mattresses on my double bed. I could feel pleasure, as the toy went to the depths of my pussy as I sat down and got back up, imagining how the man would be enjoying the beauty of my jiggling boobs while doing it.

I continued doing the same for about 5 minutes, with mixed emotions of desire for sex, missing my boyfriend and wanting intimacy led to a climax that felt great, as I could see my pussy’s white-colored fluid all around my toy as well as on my bed sheet. I got that sudden familiar feeling of satisfaction, which sure made my climax feel great!

Journal Entry 20 – Desire for Bathroom Sex

Journal Entry 20 Sunday , 7th March 2021 Time: 6 PM - Desire for a Bathroom Sex

Days seem to pass by quicker nowadays, and my routine seems to be changing overall. I recently decided to take a break from social media, so that I can be more productive, and at the same time, find time for myself. Hence, I have also started devoting more time to working out and taking care of my body and mind, in which self-pleasuring myself also plays a major part. For almost the past year, I was mostly roaming around braless, but now, I wear a bra in the daytime, and take a second bath in the evening, after my workout, which is my favorite hour of the day nowadays.

Also, I started loving my evening baths, since it feels so good, in this humid weather of March. It is like, after the bath, I get all the freedom and my boobs are the happiest to be free for the whole night. So I get to enjoy the beauty of my breasts, with the bra as well as without the bra, and both have a different type of sexiness I would say! While wearing the bra, I feel my breasts lifted, perfectly in place, also increasing the beauty of my boobs with the bra’s colorful pattern and fit. It often tempts me to lift my top, and just look at how beautifully it adds value to my body. On the other hand, without a bra, I like the way they are freed, like how a bird feels out of its cage, with all the freedom, to jump around and breathe fresh air.

Right now, I am in the bathroom, under the shower, enjoying my evening bath. I decided to get myself wet with the bra and panties on and to feel my sexiness in the mirror. I have always felt aroused, when wet under rain or showers ever since puberty. I don’t know how many would have noticed that my nipples too love the rain I suppose. I have always seen them peep through my clothes, when my wet clothes stick to my body, embracing my breasts with wetness. I walked to the mirror in the bathroom and to no surprise, saw them peep out again. I am entirely wet now, which makes it a bit hard to feel the fluid that comes out of my pussy. Oh yes, this makes me wonder, how people have sex in the pools. How beautiful would that be, especially in a jacuzzi kind of a setup, how badly I wish to experience all these in my life, but at the same time, it is so depressing to know that the corona virus is still spreading, making me wonder if I would ever get a chance to have sex with my loved one!

Imagining taking a bath together with my partner, I slowly unhooked my bra, to see my boobs with tiny water droplets over them, they jumped out with joy of their freedom. Next, I removed my panties, all the way down, at the same time looking down, at how good my boobs look while I bent. I decided to sit on the bathroom floor, right under the tap, leaning on the wall, to see the water from the tap flow through my cleavage. I spread my legs and tried to feel the fluid by letting my fingers of my left hand into the pussy area . To be honest, that was the hardest part I would say, my pussy’s lubrication was not very observable with all the water around. Still, I did not refrain! I massaged the opening of my pussy, in a fast and circular motion, to feel the fluid. After about 3 minutes, I could feel it, my water wet body and my fluid wet pussy, felt great. I have always loved how the tap water falls on my pussy, the force it exerted gave me more pleasure so I changed my posture, and opened my legs a bit wider  to ensure that the water splashed into my pussy opening to feel the force. I moaned out of joy, and shook my boobs, left and right…aww…that felt fabulous, as I did not turn off the tap, for like 5 minutes, my pussy was washed thoroughly with the flow of the water.

I suppose, more fluid would have been washed away in that flow, as the water fell on my pussy. I felt the joy of climaxing after quite a long time because of the gap in my masturbation sessions!

Journal Entry 19 – Self Exploration as a Stress Reliever

Journal Entry 19 Tuesday , 3rd March 2021 Time: 9 PM - Self Exploration as a Stress Reliever

It’s been a busy and tiring week, probably more than a week, since I found free time, and since I masturbated. I missed those long masturbating sessions and satisfying myself, with my teeny tiny toys. They must have missed me too. Finally, I have managed to get free for two days, with complete alienation from social media and any sort of connectivity. I just wanted to enjoy some me-time, with art, painting and enjoy my own company!

So, yes, those days have arrived, and I just finished painting an old flower pot, with rainbow colors and some traditional art on it, I just loved the feel of it. Also, I had recently ordered a new set of fairy lights for my room, to enjoy it with myself. That has arrived, and I have set it up so beautifully, to create that romantic vibe, unfortunately, without my partner by my side. Yet, why should I depend on somebody else for my happiness? I decided to enjoy the cozy corner with myself, exploring my body, and giving it pleasure, after the tedious week that I had to go through.

I wore my nightclothes, a knee-length kaftan, tied my hair into a bun, and sat on my bed, with the fairy lights hanging on the curtain, with my cup of lime tea. I have always been a lemon tea fan, and drink it most of the time, it usually is a stress reliever along with several other health benefits. I played the most romantic songs in my playlist on the speaker and it felt like heaven. I just wanted a break so badly, I have been longing to go on a trip with my long-distance boyfriend, before the end of my college, because we have only very rarely shared intimate moments, even though it has been almost 5 years being in the relationship. But I don’t think the trip would be ever possible soon, making me crave for it and cry most of the nights, thinking of how unlucky I am.

I have been so frustrated, I just wanna get rid of the stress. I decided to masturbate and forget all misfortunes in my life. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and released it so that I can be that same old, self-pleasuring young woman again and make it an unforgettable night. I slowly untied the strands of my kaftan, which gave me a tender feeling, because now I felt as if I wore nothing since the dress was so loose and also because I was braless after quite a long time. In the same sitting, folded legs posture, I managed to remove my kaftan and sat there with just my black-colored slip and panties. I could feel the happiness of my boobs, to have got freedom now, and also enjoy the beautifully decorated room and that overall vibe. I was simply going through the various series available on the internet, on which I also came across sexy banners of several series, which made my nipples slowly peep out! I gave them a slight massage and slowly massaged my thighs, just like how my boyfriend had done, during our 3rd movie at the theater. Everything almost made me nostalgic….

I removed my slip and admired my boobs and the belly button glow in the yellow light of the fairy lights on the mirror. I massaged them together, with my left hand massaging my left breast and right hand massaging my right. …I would say, this felt heavenly being after a long time indeed. I opened my legs and slid my hands into my pussy, with the panty on, and felt the fluid down there. I then inserted my middle finger into the naturally lubricated pussy hole to vibrate it slowly, to and fro for about 3 minutes perhaps. I then removed my panties and lay on the bed completely naked, on my stomach, and felt my boobs pressed against the mattress. I felt wonderful again, due to the warmth my body feels post masturbating, even after this short yet sweet time self-exploring.

I did not wanna make it long this time, because I wanted to sleep soon to be fresh for the next day and hence , slept naked! There was no great orgasm as such, but I did find this as a very relaxing session!

Journal Entry 18 – Words Leading to Horniness!

Journal Entry 18 Tuesday , 16th Feb 2021 Time: 4 PM - Words Leading to Horniness!

Today, I felt like simply going through my journal about my masturbation sessions, simply to know how it all started and how it felt, right from the beginning and until now. The way it started, and what made me start writing these, thinking of all my entries gave me goosebumps as well as a completely different feeling about what I have been doing. I never knew written words could have such a drastic effect on a reader, that it could drive one’s sexual desire. For me, going through my own experiences itself gave me sexual pleasure and a wanting to do more.

It has almost been about 15 write-ups, and the words I have used and the way how I have expressed them gave me the pleasure about how I had felt at that moment. It was quite an interesting experience I would say. As I read my first writeup, my 2nd and thereon, it was filled with sexual desire and how I tried to satisfy each of them, by myself and finding joy out of it.

As I read them, lying on my stomach, with the laptop in front of me, I could feel my breasts pressed against the bed, I just imagined how it would have been if it was pressed against a man’s chest. Instead of the bed, if I was lying on a naked man and feeling his hairy chest against my boobs and his hard dick, wet with precum, pressed against my stomach. That would be a great feeling, especially if it was with affection and love, how badly I wish I could experience all these over a sleepover with my boyfriend! These thoughts made me emotional and I decided to sit straight and stop craving for getting physical attachment. All I could do now is to enjoy myself.

I rubbed my nipples with the shirt on and pinched them slightly with my thumb and index finger. After a few seconds, they showed up erect. I ran to the mirror, to observe the beauty of my nipples peeping out through the top since I was braless as usual. I stood sideways and observed how hard they were. And thought if it was this erect through the top, how beautiful would it be when I am completely naked. Without wasting time, I just lifted my top and my slip, to see those two long water balloons like sandal-colored objects simply hang on my chest. I wanted to moisturize them for no reason, but to simply pamper them. I took a lot of moisturizer in both my hands and slowly covered my nipples and my areolas. That was a beautiful art too. I wished if I could get an opportunity to play with colors on my body, to make it more colorful naturally, and how it would feel with a soothing paintbrush moving all over my body!

How can I forget my beautiful naturally sculptured pussy of mine, and being hairy, how it looks like a tree with branches and leaves. I removed my panty and pampered it too, it created extra lubrication. At that time, I lay on the bed, looking at the beautiful greenery outside, massaging my boobs with my right hand and my pussy with the left. I wished if I could be captured like in those model kinda pictures, a view from the top, of my fully naked body on the bed, with my nipples and my pussy covered artistically, with some creative objects like flowers. Such an imagination just increased my sexual drive, and I opened my legs, forming an M shape and inserted my middle finger into my pussy hole, deep within, as much as possible, and moved them in a vibratory motion inside continuously with no gap, for like 3 minutes, imagining a real energetic long dick go deep inside me. I was craving to feel a raw pink and long penis within my hole. That was the best part, to feel the climax and moan out of joy and look at my white cum, in drops on my bed sheet!

Journal Entry 17 – Workout Sexiness

Journal Entry 17 Monday , 14th Feb 2021 Time: 6 PM - Workout Sexiness

I was never interested in being a fitness freak, but my body type wanted me to take care of my body, what I eat, and maintain weight. Especially, being at home, during the whole lockdown period, I had gained weight, which caused health issues as well. So then, I found a perfect workout routine from me, on YouTube. There is this channel named “ Workout With Sabah”, which has theme-based Bollywood dance workouts. It has helped me to vibe for myself and just enjoy the whole process, being it fun as well as fat burning.

I love the choreography of the songs and how I enjoy Bollywood dances, even though being a classical dancer. So, Bollywood dance steps and the style was, in the beginning, took time for me to get into. But now, I love it. i simply for that hour of the day. So now, it’s almost 6.30 pm, which is my regular workout time. And my parents have gone out for a marriage function, the whole home left for me. So, I just had to make the best out of it, and dance with full freedom. So, I removed my t-shirt and loved the way I looked with my sports bra and the shorts I wore underneath. I like the different feel that these different types of bras give girls. This bra covers and holds my boobs better as well as give it an extra lift and make my body look sporty!

I connected my phone audio to the Bluetooth speaker and started to workout in front of the long mirror in my room. As I kept the phone on the dressing table, and since I am most comfortable with the steps, I could enjoy my curves in the mirror and how my boobs looked with the bra on. I even used to workout braless, but that used to feel quite uncomfortable at times. So now, I like how a bit of my cleavage is shown and how the boobs simply jump as I do the jumping steps. I also liked the way my belly button would shrink and expand during the workout. I wished that I could dance like this in front of somebody and seduce them, and then rushing somewhere private and end up fucking! Ohh…when I think of fucking, it again increased the sexual drive that I wanted to feel a dick inside me and also in between my juicy boobs which look even more juicer when tucked inside this bra.  

Also, since I chose a celebrity-themed workout, it had sexier steps and songs that were perfect for me to feel pleasure. It was a total 20-minute workout, but as I was aroused after the first 7 minutes of the song. As I was aroused, I could see my nipples slowly peeping through the bra, which desperately wanted to come out probably. So I squeezed my boobs and pulled them out, one by one, from the top of by bra, the right boobs first and then the left. Even then, they looked extra sexy since they are pushed together by the bra on and the sweat on them.

I removed my shorts and was left with only my panty and the bra on top. I again tried twerking in front of the mirror, which worked well this time, I observed myself and my boobs jiggle as I observed the side view of me twerking on the mirror. I wished there was somebody behind me to rub their dick on my ass while I worked. I wanted to try inserting my dildo in my butthole, but it would be painful I guess, since it had been painful when I last tried it with my fingers earlier. So,I grabbed my toy and sat on the floor, by just removing my panty until the knee in front of the mirror and spread my legs to start to feel the imaginary dick go deep inside me.I rubbed my pussy in a fast motion to increase the drive and reach that hotness.  As I inserted the toy and pulled it in and out for about 5 minutes continuously with my left hand. I shake to my body more than it naturally does with the toy moving in and out of me, which added pleasure, as I could see my boobs jump together, I pinched my nipples hard with my right hand to slowly moan as nobody would hear it since the Bluetooth speaker was loud enough.

After the session, to my surprise I could see myself squirt for like 2 seconds maybe, but that looked so pleasurable and like how the juice from lemon sprays as it is squeezed, which was indeed the best possible climax!