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Journal Entry 17 – Workout Sexiness

Journal Entry 17 Monday , 14th Feb 2021 Time: 6 PM - Workout Sexiness

I was never interested in being a fitness freak, but my body type wanted me to take care of my body, what I eat, and maintain weight. Especially, being at home, during the whole lockdown period, I had gained weight, which caused health issues as well. So then, I found a perfect workout routine from me, on YouTube. There is this channel named “ Workout With Sabah”, which has theme-based Bollywood dance workouts. It has helped me to vibe for myself and just enjoy the whole process, being it fun as well as fat burning.

I love the choreography of the songs and how I enjoy Bollywood dances, even though being a classical dancer. So, Bollywood dance steps and the style was, in the beginning, took time for me to get into. But now, I love it. i simply for that hour of the day. So now, it’s almost 6.30 pm, which is my regular workout time. And my parents have gone out for a marriage function, the whole home left for me. So, I just had to make the best out of it, and dance with full freedom. So, I removed my t-shirt and loved the way I looked with my sports bra and the shorts I wore underneath. I like the different feel that these different types of bras give girls. This bra covers and holds my boobs better as well as give it an extra lift and make my body look sporty!

I connected my phone audio to the Bluetooth speaker and started to workout in front of the long mirror in my room. As I kept the phone on the dressing table, and since I am most comfortable with the steps, I could enjoy my curves in the mirror and how my boobs looked with the bra on. I even used to workout braless, but that used to feel quite uncomfortable at times. So now, I like how a bit of my cleavage is shown and how the boobs simply jump as I do the jumping steps. I also liked the way my belly button would shrink and expand during the workout. I wished that I could dance like this in front of somebody and seduce them, and then rushing somewhere private and end up fucking! Ohh…when I think of fucking, it again increased the sexual drive that I wanted to feel a dick inside me and also in between my juicy boobs which look even more juicer when tucked inside this bra.  

Also, since I chose a celebrity-themed workout, it had sexier steps and songs that were perfect for me to feel pleasure. It was a total 20-minute workout, but as I was aroused after the first 7 minutes of the song. As I was aroused, I could see my nipples slowly peeping through the bra, which desperately wanted to come out probably. So I squeezed my boobs and pulled them out, one by one, from the top of by bra, the right boobs first and then the left. Even then, they looked extra sexy since they are pushed together by the bra on and the sweat on them.

I removed my shorts and was left with only my panty and the bra on top. I again tried twerking in front of the mirror, which worked well this time, I observed myself and my boobs jiggle as I observed the side view of me twerking on the mirror. I wished there was somebody behind me to rub their dick on my ass while I worked. I wanted to try inserting my dildo in my butthole, but it would be painful I guess, since it had been painful when I last tried it with my fingers earlier. So,I grabbed my toy and sat on the floor, by just removing my panty until the knee in front of the mirror and spread my legs to start to feel the imaginary dick go deep inside me.I rubbed my pussy in a fast motion to increase the drive and reach that hotness.  As I inserted the toy and pulled it in and out for about 5 minutes continuously with my left hand. I shake to my body more than it naturally does with the toy moving in and out of me, which added pleasure, as I could see my boobs jump together, I pinched my nipples hard with my right hand to slowly moan as nobody would hear it since the Bluetooth speaker was loud enough.

After the session, to my surprise I could see myself squirt for like 2 seconds maybe, but that looked so pleasurable and like how the juice from lemon sprays as it is squeezed, which was indeed the best possible climax!

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