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Journal Entry 19 – Self Exploration as a Stress Reliever

Journal Entry 19 Tuesday , 3rd March 2021 Time: 9 PM - Self Exploration as a Stress Reliever

It’s been a busy and tiring week, probably more than a week, since I found free time, and since I masturbated. I missed those long masturbating sessions and satisfying myself, with my teeny tiny toys. They must have missed me too. Finally, I have managed to get free for two days, with complete alienation from social media and any sort of connectivity. I just wanted to enjoy some me-time, with art, painting and enjoy my own company!

So, yes, those days have arrived, and I just finished painting an old flower pot, with rainbow colors and some traditional art on it, I just loved the feel of it. Also, I had recently ordered a new set of fairy lights for my room, to enjoy it with myself. That has arrived, and I have set it up so beautifully, to create that romantic vibe, unfortunately, without my partner by my side. Yet, why should I depend on somebody else for my happiness? I decided to enjoy the cozy corner with myself, exploring my body, and giving it pleasure, after the tedious week that I had to go through.

I wore my nightclothes, a knee-length kaftan, tied my hair into a bun, and sat on my bed, with the fairy lights hanging on the curtain, with my cup of lime tea. I have always been a lemon tea fan, and drink it most of the time, it usually is a stress reliever along with several other health benefits. I played the most romantic songs in my playlist on the speaker and it felt like heaven. I just wanted a break so badly, I have been longing to go on a trip with my long-distance boyfriend, before the end of my college, because we have only very rarely shared intimate moments, even though it has been almost 5 years being in the relationship. But I don’t think the trip would be ever possible soon, making me crave for it and cry most of the nights, thinking of how unlucky I am.

I have been so frustrated, I just wanna get rid of the stress. I decided to masturbate and forget all misfortunes in my life. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and released it so that I can be that same old, self-pleasuring young woman again and make it an unforgettable night. I slowly untied the strands of my kaftan, which gave me a tender feeling, because now I felt as if I wore nothing since the dress was so loose and also because I was braless after quite a long time. In the same sitting, folded legs posture, I managed to remove my kaftan and sat there with just my black-colored slip and panties. I could feel the happiness of my boobs, to have got freedom now, and also enjoy the beautifully decorated room and that overall vibe. I was simply going through the various series available on the internet, on which I also came across sexy banners of several series, which made my nipples slowly peep out! I gave them a slight massage and slowly massaged my thighs, just like how my boyfriend had done, during our 3rd movie at the theater. Everything almost made me nostalgic….

I removed my slip and admired my boobs and the belly button glow in the yellow light of the fairy lights on the mirror. I massaged them together, with my left hand massaging my left breast and right hand massaging my right. …I would say, this felt heavenly being after a long time indeed. I opened my legs and slid my hands into my pussy, with the panty on, and felt the fluid down there. I then inserted my middle finger into the naturally lubricated pussy hole to vibrate it slowly, to and fro for about 3 minutes perhaps. I then removed my panties and lay on the bed completely naked, on my stomach, and felt my boobs pressed against the mattress. I felt wonderful again, due to the warmth my body feels post masturbating, even after this short yet sweet time self-exploring.

I did not wanna make it long this time, because I wanted to sleep soon to be fresh for the next day and hence , slept naked! There was no great orgasm as such, but I did find this as a very relaxing session!

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