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Journal Entry 24 – Tempting Times

Journal Entry 24 Thursday , 18th March 2021 Time: 9 30 AM - Tempting Times

I have been a little busy with my classes since this is my last semester at college, all sorts of work like group projects and viva and stuff. We have a project coordinator, who always makes us redo the project chapters for no reason. Me and my teammate, always end up spending time editing it, making me spend some more time in front of the laptop. It is hectic during the summer. Also, in a place like Kerala where power cuts happen now and then, means making me work sitting in the hot and humid climate. So, even today, they have announced a power shut down, and to my misfortune, our inverter seems to be overloaded, due to which, it has stopped working too.

The deadline to submit the edited chapters is by tonight, due to which I cannot give up on this work, despite the situation. I sat on the chair, with my laptop on the table, wearing my knee-length sleeveless dress, with a  long zip opening in the center, until the level of my belly button. I just wanted to get more air circulation for my body, so that I can finish off the task asap. Then came an idea into my mind. I ran to my mother and told her that I am gonna have a meeting regarding the project, due to which I’ll have to close the door for a while, and asked everyone at home, not to disturb me during the time being.

Ha ha….what a master plan that was! I came back, locked my room door, and unzipped my dress in front of the mirror. I stood there for a while, as I could not take my eyes off from how well the bra I wore fitted me and gave me that super sexy look, especially now, as I had unzipped my dress in the front. Also, my bra being black, gave my skin tone, a lighter shade, which looked fabulous in the mirror. Ohh no…I did not wanna get distracted this time, but yet, it happened! I pulled my arms out of the sleeves, pulled down the dress til my boobs and unhooked my bra, in thought to wear the dress alone, with the zip open, and continue with the edits. I tried concentrating on the project for about 5 minutes, but I just could not. My erect nipples simply aroused me, tempting me to suck them hard. I quickly closed the laptop on the table, , around them in a circular motion and also at the tip of my nipples, in a playful manner. Aww….I could not stop doing this for about 3 minutes at a stretch, because it had honestly been so long since I sucked my nipples. I did the same with my left breast but decided to give a mild bite, on the nipples, because they were erect af. Oh my goodness, this sort of pleasure after quite a long time, it just gave me the best feeling ever!

Then, I sat straight in the legs crossed position, on the bed leaning my back on the wall behind. I could feel the wetness of my pussy on my panties, which tempted my fingers to explore over there next.  I was not in a mood to spend more time, because time seemed to be running so fast. Yet, I spend almost 5 minutes massaging the opening of my pussy with my left hand, through my panties and then pulling my clits, which were like tender petals like that of a flower.

And finally, I was back to the normal sessions as before, which ended up without a great climax, yet good levels of satisfaction and relaxation!

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