Journal Entry 13 – Sexual Curiosity Driven

Journal Entry 13 Sunday, 31st Jan 2021 Time: 5 PM - Sexual Curiosity driven

I have been actively searching for part-time opportunities on the internet to keep myself engaged. And that’s when I came across something awkward today. I saw an opportunity inviting female writers, which I thought would give females a preference. So, I went on bidding on the same, to which I got a reply within seconds.

As I asked for details of the work to be done, something seemed fishy, but at the same time, I was curious about the opportunity. Also, I got confused when two chats opened up, against the same project, like so much demand for something on such freelancing sites was something unusual. I continued to enquire about the work to be done, while they asked my age as well. So, this person continued to describe the task, which to my shock what they wanted was phone sex. They claimed this to be a relaxation from their busy schedules and so on.

I was in a dilemma, because of this exciting task, but also thinking about the dreadful consequences that would arise in the future, in terms of privacy and safety. But still, I was so eager and excited to try it out, but with a lot of fear inside. So, we decided mutually, to simply try this out, this being my first time with a stranger.

We got in touch on another chat platform, so that things would be more private as such. I felt so awkward, at the same time, excited to know how it would work. It was just a casual start, I wonder if the person too did not know how to carry it on or like how to give it a proper start. Yes, I felt horny for the things I could do and show him, plus it was gonna be a two-way contract, but it did not even start lol. I felt afraid as well as guilty of what could happen, and refrained from the task, the person too was understanding and never forced me further.

Even though that was over, I was still horny. I just wanted to expose and show some stranger my body and feel some pleasure out of it. Again, that could only happen in dreams right now, so I decided to record myself stripping and masturbating. I had a quick bath and wore the sexiest pair of my laced red bikini. I fixed my phone, on the dressing table which is close to the end of by bed, I lay on the bed, and started. I wanted to see the beauty of what I was doing, so I faced the camera, and unhooked my bra, after literally showing off, every detail of the bra, its laces, and the lift which it gives makes my boobs look juicer. I then stood on my knees and enjoyed how well the panty covers my pussy, in that cute v-shape and my bubbly ass. I ensured all of it was getting recorded in full view by maintaining a distance from the camera, by turning back. I could no longer wait, to spread my legs open, the camera focusing on my hole, and to insert my toy and let my boobs bounce out of pleasure.I removed my panties quickly to start with the main part. I inserted my dildo and pushed it in and out in slow motion in the beginning, with the increasing speed of the movement by myself to the fastest possible. I could not see all these on the camera, since my upper body was on the bed, facing the ceiling, with my wide open legs on the table, which is close to my bed, with my pussy in prime view of the camera.

Though I could feel myself ooze cum, in much more quantity than recently, I could not enjoy seeing the visuals on the camera, since I was lying on my back on the bed. I spent almost an hour for the whole session. But what I enjoyed the most, is the recorded video, which I saw soon after the climax, by lying on my back all naked, simultaneously observing my tiny mountain like boobs while in this position. Later on, I ended up deleting the video so that nobody finds it!

Journal Entry 12 – Fantasy About the stranger

Journal Entry 12 Thursday, 28th Jan 2021 Time: 6 PM - Fantasy About the Stranger

Today has been a day full of sexual thoughts for me, right from the early morning onwards. Maybe it’s all because of yesterday. So the previous day, I had met a handsome blue-eyed foreigner who lives nearby my home, who is here to learn martial arts. I got a chance to have a small talk with this person, who seemed friendly. He did look hot of course and is also a professional massager.

I was impressed by talking to him, about his life, journeys and also about his long list of girlfriends. I wondered how enjoyable his life would have been, with his experiences of even one night stands with random girls. I even thought what if I could go and get a massage done from him and have fun, but it’s all just a fantasy which is not possible for me because of society.

I could not stop thinking of him and also my fantasies about him. Also, I have never had an opportunity to see those pink dicks of foreigners which we are seen on porn sites lol! Knowing nothing was gonna happen anyways, I decided to watch porn and satisfy myself, but with added reality.

Also, my parents had gone to attend a wedding, which gave me the whole home for myself, just me and my fantasy. I imagined myself getting a full body massage from a handsome therapist, so I roamed around the home, with a bath towel. I opened my laptop, went incognito and got into a porn site, and selected porn videos with hot and fair guys as the main roles.

In the meantime, I also took a bottle of coconut oil, since I wanted to get into the mood of feeling a massage. Usually, I apply oil, by standing, but this time, I lay down on my bed, slowly unwrapped my towel, and poured coconut oil, first on my belly button, to give it a start. I spread the oil around my tummy and my hips. Then I came above, to my boobs which were simply waiting to feel the massage. I usually massage them at least once a month, which I think has helped their growth and sexiness. I started by first applying oil on the nipples alone  for both sides for about 5 minutes and pulling and squeezing them and  then, around them slowly but together, both at the same time for about 10 minutes, I also pressed them hard and also grabbed it which was indeed pleasing.

Only the next half of the body was remaining anymore to feel the pleasure. I decided to finish massaging my ass first, so that, I can do maximum to my pussy. I turned and lied down on my stomach, took oil on my hands, and massaged my super soft and fleshy ass, with a hip size of 36 for around 10 minutes, also left my oily hands in between the butt, to ensure no part is left without oil. It was almost like how I would massage there, in case of a back pain or something, but this time, with more sexually with seducing touches that I would expect from a massager. That did tire my hands since it was an unusual posture to lie on the stomach and massage one’s butt.

So, finally, I have reached my target, my pussy, which I had been waiting for long. I imagined getting a massage there though I don’t know if massagers give a massage over there in reality!  So I turned back, facing the roof, and opened my legs, into a wide V shape. I oiled my thighs and then poured oil all over my pussy, which felt super lubricated now. I massaged my pussy, with both hands in a circular motion, around every detail of it, the clits and also in such a way that it reached the roots of my pussy hair. which felt heavenly. With no doubt, if some real guy was doing it for me right now, I would have fucked with him, since I am just super aroused, watching the white guy on the screen fuck the female, with his long circumcised damn pink cock! It made me grab my soap bottle, which I use as a toy, and insert it into my hole, again and again, faster and faster in my world full of imagination. That lasted for around 10 minutes again.

The session was tiring this time, but at the same time gave me much pleasure. I wonder why I did not cum this time, but the satisfaction I got is unexplainable. But I have realized that imagination skills can give unforgettable masturbation sessions!

Journal Entry 11 – Naked Nights

Journal Entry 11, Monday, 27th Jan 2021 Time: 10 PM - Naked Nights

Who doesn’t love long phone and video calls with the person whom we miss the most? I also love being on call with my long-distance boyfriend, whom I very rarely meet. So, our enjoyment and fun are virtual most of the time.

Calls are added spice when it’s in the night especially. The so-called late-night calls have its essence I believe. It’s not only loving, but lust and desires just arise when we spend this intimate time together. This is not the first time we have ended up doing crazy things during our late night calls.

It’s almost 10 pm right now, and he just called me up. I, on the other hand, am a person who prefers going early to bed, but I do enjoy these chances of spending time together at least on the phone calls. We start talking about what happened throughout the day and also reminiscing about the memories while we used to meet rarely. It was a quite funny talk and good time pass.

But all of a sudden, I start feeling so much for him, to meet him, to feel a kiss or a hug and so on. We start to tell how much we miss each other and also what we would do if we ever get a chance to get physical. Even thinking about it gives me goosebumps, to be honest. I don’t know if it’s just me, who feels like this, but I am on one hand eager to explore each other on the bed, but on the other hand, afraid of what would happen, if we are out of control and the consequences of it, especially in the Indian society.

So, thinking of all that, virtual relationships are better I feel, we can get satisfied via sexting and phone sex and all that. It’s quite fun too. He understands exactly when I get into the mood and when I am not. Today, I think I am more in the mood than him, because he says his dick isn’t that excited yet. I love to see how gradually his dick gets straight when I show him what he wants.

When I am horny like this, I find it hard to control myself and stop myself from flashing him. I turned on the dim light of my room and took my boobs out of the bra to turn him on. Well, that did work of course. Also, doing it all virtually also makes it more interesting, comfortable and less awkward than doing it in person, because it is me who is gonna make myself happy, with my masturbation techniques and stop only when I am done, unlike how in sex when your partner gets done when he is satisfied you are left unsatisfied.

He undressed in front of me and showed me his naked hairy body on the mirror with that dick projecting as a 3D figure, which was indeed a turn on and as well as a  signal for me to strip, on the camera. I apply moisturiser all over my body starting from my feet and then to the top. He admires my boobs as and when I bend down whole applying it and  we look at each other. This feeling itself is so satisfying I would say. I rub my nipples on its tip and also pull and twist them and show him how good I feel. He asks me to shake my boobs right and left, with the shoulder shake which when I do, makes me also feel great.

As I start rubbing my pussy, and pulling my delicate clit in between them imagining his dick rubbing my pussy, when the tips of our genitals meet each other, I insert two of my fingers into the hole, middle finger and the index finger together, in and out I start to cum with thick vaginal fluid. This too is due to the presence of the real dick I believe, otherwise, I would not have cummed so fast.

My reactions have made his dick excited too, he wanted to cum , but by seeing my butt!

After a short foreplay which I always love to make him want for more , I turned behind and showed my ass while squatting so I could see my front on the mirror. He continued to cum while I was relaxing by massaging my boobs with both hands in a circular motion, this ended our 2 hours long video call. Still…I did not get satiated enough by it, and so I slept naked for the whole night, and also experienced sudden arousals and I could feel my boobs and the hairy pussy during the sleep.

Journal Entry 10 – Naturally Horny Mornings

Journal Entry 10 Monday, 25th Jan 2021 Time: 7 AM - Naturally Horny Mornings

This time, what led me to masturbate was something real, and not a fantasy I would say. I am a single child, born to Indian parents who seem, to be poor at sex educating and talks. This incident took place so unexpectedly but was quite interesting, to be honest.

Being a single girl child, I always had to learn things for myself, from my friends or the internet. Because that was the only way I could understand things about sex and sexuality. So that’s how I started knowing about guys and how they are and their sexuality as well.

Even though I have a boyfriend right now, it’s a hard task being in a long-distance relationship, to fulfil those sexual desires. But I have the anxiety to learn more about guys, their aspects on arousals and turn-on. We have hence discussed a lot about it on chat, to explore characteristics of our genders. That’s how I cleared my doubt about men getting “Morning Wood” as they call it.

And today, I have a guest at home, my cousin brother who is 20 years old. We had fun throughout the day, and fell asleep at night, together in the same room. My mom woke me in the morning as usual, and I woke in surprise, seeing his “morning wood”. I was happy, eager and excited as well. He was asleep, but his dick wasn’t! I could see it pointing outward against his shorts, not so long, but medium-sized, with no idea if it was circumcised or not. It was quite attractive for me because this was the first time I saw a guy getting morning wood, rather than in pictures. I had to control myself so that I didn’t end up doing anything wrong. I admired it for about 5 minutes and got out of the bed and to the bathroom, to do my part, because I was aroused, especially since it was early in the morning, which I most of the time get horny.

I rushed to the bathroom, sat on the ground, removed everything I wore underneath and rubbed my pussy, imagining the tip of a hard dick teasing my pussy. I continued rubbing it for about 5 minutes and that was a super turn-on. Being braless and just wearing a slip, I could see my hard nipples peep through. I was confused about whether to concentrate on my boobs or my pussy. I could feel the excitement in each of them, trying to grab my attention, seeking pleasure.

The image of his wood was not going away from my mind. I was replaying that scene in my mind, as a result of which I could feel my natural lubrication in between my thighs. I wondered how it happened for men, like how quick or slow it takes place, if it just suddenly gets hard, or if it gradually gets erect. I wish I could observe it someday or the other. But I love the way my boyfriend dick turns hard, step by step, while I strip on video calls.

All these thoughts made me hornier and crave for a real dick, which unfortunately was not possible now. I was glad to find my usual dick like soap bottle in the bathroom, which satisfies such carvings of mine, by acting like a dick during horny times.

I grabbed it, spread my legs open and teased my pussy with it for a while, and then just let it stay inside my vaginal hole, like just once, and feel it inside well held by my pussy. I wanted it to remain inside, and get the pleasure of it inside without any movements or vibrations, simply like how a stick fills a deep hole. That always gave me satisfaction, especially when I am too lazy to move it. I slid the straps of my slip aside and took my boobs out and massaged them imagining someone else doing it for me for pleasure, while my hole was simply tight and filled. Laziness got the better of me so I pulled the bottle out to end the session, stood up, and continued with my bath.

Since I did not give much movement this time, I did not climax, but on the other hand, had great satisfaction which was truly due to the accompanied pleasure from my boobs. I am glad that girls have got both boobs and pussy, two very attractive elements which when pleasured makes us relatively less dependent on dicks!

Journal Entry 9 – Wet Fantasy

Journal Entry 9- Tuesday, 22th Jan 2021 Time: 9 AM - Wet Fantasy

Bathing is something I’ve always been lazy about. But the fun fact is it’s just that laziness to get into the bathroom. Once I am inside I never feel like coming out at all. I also love that feeling of freshness after bathing, touching and feeling every bit of my body, which would be cold and tender.

I use a body wash for a bath since that forms a lot of foam, as well as create that lathering. Even today, I am so lazy to get into the bathroom, but trying to convince myself to somehow start it and feel the goodness.

I love feeling my body in the shower. As I shower, my nipples get hard all the time. I like to feel force on my nipples, which I do by holding my boobs together and sit under the tap open, feeling the water flowing with pressure on my boobs. Ohh, I forgot what I used to do at times which is quite exciting as well. Boobs feel sexier when oiled and wet. I decided to oil them and then pour water, to feel sexier. That is a different beauty I would say, tiny droplets of water on the boobs arouse me.

In the same way, I applied coconut oil over my lightly haired pussy now. It was indeed a good massage and also lubrication on the other hand. This happens every time, I rub my pussy, I simply get aroused to finger it. But this time, since I am in the bathroom, I have the option of using the water on my pussy too. As I have previously mentioned how I enjoy the water pressure when they fall on my boobs, I use the same idea here too. But doing it on the pussy, needs more flexibility and balance, to spread open my legs, lying on my back and lifting the legs open, with the help of balance on the walls that the water falls on my clit. It’s simply magical I would say! I lay in the same position for about 5 minutes, but I felt it quite addictive to keep on doing, to feel the pressure and ultimately the pressure out of it. I kept on feeling the water from the tap, for about 15 minutes, with short breaks in between.

So apparently, it’s been too long, maybe about one hour. I decide to just take a wash quickly because I am quite excited for the next step!

I usually get out of the bathroom wearing my home clothes. But at times, I purposely wrap myself in my towel, to feel good and hot. Also, I wrap myself after getting half wiped, so that I can maintain the hotness, by remaining wet. So basically I have only a smaller mirror in the bathroom, which doesn’t let me enjoy the beauty of my whole body.

As I step into my room, with the towel wrapped around. I simply turn around and around with just towel around in front of the long mirror. I ensure that all the curtains are closed because I am gonna drop down the towel and have fun with myself for some time. I drop it down slowly and see myself with wet hair, wet face, round boobs, the belly button, lightly haired pussy and those wet legs!

I start to massage my boobs again, to feel how well the coconut oil has done its magic on them. My reflection on the mirror simply looks artistic accompanied by the hairy pussy, which looks like a tree bush right now, inviting my hands, to get into its roots and give nourishment. I had no other option, but to grab my flexible dildo which is almost as thick as a dick, I sit on the chair, open my legs, with one hand on my boobs and the other controlling the toy, I work it down there. I see my boobs simply shake with joy. Aww…..the vibration feels great. I wish I could never stop this, I left the toy in there for about 10 minutes, in my vagina, sitting on the chair in the dressing table, and see myself cum slowly, the cum just dripping from the bottom end of my vaginal hole, on the chair, which I had to wipe immediately.

Whenever I masturbate naked, it gives a wonderful climax, which is so relaxing. I lay down, naked on my bed after the climax, for some time and got back to normal with better satisfaction!

Journal Entry 8 – Public Agent Fantasy

Journal Entry 8- Tuesday, 20th Jan 2021 Time: 4 PM - Public Agent Fantasy

Well, today I would like to admit that I have watched porn and also watch it at times, without getting much addicted. I watch it to discover new things about sexual satisfaction. Even today, I feel the desire to look at those videos and enjoy for myself.

So talking about porn, all of us know that there are various categories within the sites as well as a huge number of sites available. So I like this category called “Public agents”, where people go to random hot strangers and ask to undress claiming it to be for some casting for movies and at last they even end up having sex, in return for cash.

I don’t know why I fantasize about this, but I like to watch such situations and how people react in it. I wonder if they do it with knowledge of each other, and pretend to be strangers just for the sake of the video. Leaving all that apart, I find the process and scenes interesting!

So, what I do is select some random porn site and search for this category. I have also noticed that not all the sites have this particular niche. I end up finding it in a site, but there lies a long list of videos to choose from.

I like the ones in which, they get into things slowly, like first to undress and then something like asking for a blowjob and then ends up in sex. I enjoy the whole video, by imagining myself doing what they do on the video.

I try to act in a similar way as in the video. I love making a person wait or like to simply foreplay before getting physical. I dress up in my most sexy outfits, in such a way that my cleavage is shown and pretend to be in the situation. I always act in front of a mirror, since that gives me more arousals.

Just like how they ask to take off every clothing and pose in a seducing manner, I try doing it by simply showing a glimpse of my boobs by seizing it out from the t-shirt for like few seconds. And repeat it after  an imaginary foreplay, where I act hesitant to strip, but at the same time make a seducing eye contact. And then slowly remove my bra and feel like I offer to somebody to admire them. Aww…my nipples have got hard by now adding beauty to my side posture on the mirror, just like two round and pointed  3-D objects projecting from the body. I imagine someone, asking me if they could touch it and me permitting him to enjoy them by licking and sucking it.

In the scene which I am watching right now, the guy grabs the girls butt showing his desire to wanna feel more. That’s more tempting as I remove my clothes underneath, and turn back, looking and massaging my ass by standing. As a next step, the guy asks the model to lie on the bed naked and pose sideways, which I have always loved doing. I lie on the bed in the same way and imagine how his dick gets harder as he unzips his pants. Also the characters on the video being whites, his dick looks pink, yummy and long.

It’s all happening so quickly now, I start imagining how yummy his dick would be, with the cum on it and how it would be if he could cum on my boobs as well. I could no longer resist from fingering my pussy, with the middle finger alone as this time I am seeing a long dick on the screen. I make noise out of pleasure, just like how they are enjoying sex in the video right now, I continued fingering, along with my flooded natural lubricant as a result of the intimate scenes on the screen. I take my finger in and out, continuously and slowly for about 10 minutes.

Omg….thats wow, to have felt the climax more pleasant this time, obviously due to observing the real pink and fleshy uncircumcised dick! I enjoyed the whole session as I tried to replace myself in the position of the character!

Journal Entry 7 – To Remain Awake

Journal Entry 7 - Saturday, 16th Jan 2021 Time: 2 PM - To Remain Awake

So today’s incident is a pretty funny one indeed where I had to masturbate to stay awake and feel energised, to avoid drowsing off from my boring online classes. I have online classes for almost until the evening every day.

I am an early bird in general but falls asleep during the afternoon sessions since I would feel heavy after lunch. But today’s class is really important, that I should not fall asleep. I knew the best interesting thing to do would be to masturbate.

The only fear in my mind was if my camera would turn on by mistake, that would be the biggest ever embarrassing moment. I had to ensure that it didn’t happen. I just had to stay awake for the whole 2-hour session.

I shut the door of my room, telling mom that the noise around was troubling me. My body could already sense the plan in my mind, which made my nipples harder. I undressed slowly, by starting with my top wear, and then my bra, I love the way my boobs simply slip out as and when I remove the bra, the way they feel released. Those dark brown nipples of mine have simply become more aroused, but a bit dry. I have always noticed this, my nipple area seems to feel dry most of the time. Hence, I end up moisturising and massaging them.

I love feeling my body while stretching, my belly button and those curves near my hip, size being 36. I also like touching my pelvic bones around my hips that lead to the pussy. Also, I like to explore my vagina through my panties rather than removing everything I wear underneath.

I am trying to handle both, to enjoy masturbation as well as to make my mind ready to listen to the class. I have a beautiful long mirror in my room, which makes it possible for me to admire my body whenever I want. I start to pose in front of the mirror, like those seen in pictures of models. I untied my curly hip-length hair, and covered them on my boobs, on each side. That did look great and sexy. I wish I could simply go and seduce somebody with this new look.

I dragged my dressing table chair, sat and opened my legs while wearing my shorts. Because, I have told you, I like that feeling of masturbating intimately, without actually getting naked over there. Ohh yes, that’s when I remembered to try twerking. I have tried it many times before but wasn’t able to get it perfect so far. This time, since I wore nothing above, to see myself twerking was sexy on the mirror, as my boobs seem to have given more movements than my ass!

I imagined myself seducing somebody in that way and then starting to fuck. I wanted a deeper sensation this time, so I grabbed that dick-like bottle which I use as a toy and inserted it into my hole, to feel the pleasure. There seems to be less fluid this time, but I wonder why. Still, I continued moving it in and out, through my not so lubricated pussy. It felt raw and harsh, but I did enjoy it, that pain was indeed pleasing, since I thought this is how it feels when a dick enters our vagina for the first time, because I have never had sex in reality. The hole, how it expands and lets it’s companion in!

I continued moving it in and out of my vagina for about 10 minutes and rubbing those sensitive petals of my pussy, with the other hand. But I did not experience orgasm this time, probably due to the less natural lubricant. Thankfully, the session did help to stay awake for my class which was  my major goal this time!

Journal Entry 6 – Desires on Calls

Journal Entry 6 - Tuesday, 12th Jan 2021 Time: 5 PM - Desires on Calls

I have always loved exploring myself, finding joy out of it, as well as mutual masturbation with my partner. A long-distance relationship is something hard to maintain, especially to meet and satisfy each person’s sexual desires. The only way to satisfy at least a part of those desires is video calls.

We have always waited for an opportunity to be alone at home, at the same time. Him alone in his place and me alone in mine. Though we used to sext each other, getting horny on video calls was the most fun.

So, today we have got such an opportunity and I am excited as well. We don’t strip on the calls quickly, but we take it slowly. I get into a mood only when I see something arousing. So, most of the time, he gets me into stripping by showing his thick dick, covered with fluid and simply ready to fuck. I very well know the texture of his dick, since I have previously given him a blow job the last time we met. To make the convo spicier, I do a blowjob with the toy, imagining his pink-tipped circumcised dick, that is a turn -on every time. I love the way he reacts to it, causing both of us to want more and more.

So, we both got naked by now, looking at each other, on the screen of our phone, his hairy chest and the way he admires my boobs make me crave for more, to see him cum. I love massaging my boobs in front of him, to see his horny reaction and to explore each other more and more.

I love the way my partner enjoys my body on the screen, how he appreciates it and how he asks me to keep showing so that he can just stare at them by the time his dick gets damn hard. I love seeing his dick, from the bed when he lies upright. I imagine myself sitting on top of it, the dick making its way deep in my vaginal hole and him massaging my boobs.

But unfortunately, all we can do is imagine and relieve ourselves from the frustration of not being able to be physical in reality. So, I use my sex toy, which is flexible and more real which is almost as thick as his dick that gives me more pleasure.

I keep the phone on the ground, slanting on the wall, and I sit down, to open my legs and show him. He also does the same, so that we get to feel more like having sex. I use the toy and tease my pussy, just like how he does slowly on the screen. It continues for like 5 minutes, and then we decided to take it to the next level, as he is so tempted.

We masturbate quicker, moving his hands back and forth along his dick, while I move the toy exactly in the same frequency as he moves his dick. I do make it better by giving quirky sounds, which he enjoys as well. We mutually decide on how fast to do it, whether to move it slowly or faster. I love massaging my boobs with the other hand, while one plays with the toy. It is also arousing to see my body on the screen, and the way my boobs shake, while I use the toy.

He asks me to show the opening of my pussy, because he wanted to cum. I remove the toy from the way and open up my legs, the view which he now enjoys, to just cum. I love to see the way guys cum, it gives me much more pleasure indeed. But on the other hand, he would no more be interested to continue masturbating, after he cums. But at the same time, I simply want more.

As we disconnect the call, I continue to rub my pussy, for a while, with my fingers, to calm down after the climax. My orgasm this time felt brand new and fresh since I could virtually experience the real dick inside my vagina.

Journal Entry 5 – Fun With the Movies

Journal Entry 5 - Sunday, 10th Jan 2021 Time: 11 AM - Fun with the Movies

Though I have loved most genres of movies, romantic movies were something I had always been attracted to. Watching romantic movies gave me a good level of satisfaction, but yes truly depending on the involvement of the actors in the film.

Not just romance, but yes sometimes I get that desire to watch something hot and nice. I was in such a situation that I decided to watch a Hollywood movie, it was quite a semi-old movie, which was a real-life story.

All I wanted is to enjoy the romantic and erotic scenes, and have fun for myself since I am all alone at home. So, I set up a nice vibe as usual and got into comfy clothes to have a nice feel.

So yes, the movie had quite a realistic story, which felt great. I was lying on my bed, on my stomach watching it on my laptop. Ohh yes, suddenly when the screen blacked out, probably a dark scene going on, I could see my reflection on it. I could see my cleavage, which seemed sexy. And of course, I have been braless!

The scenes continued and also turned to be arousing on the other hand. As and when the characters and their roles got interesting, more of adult content, I could notice my nipples turning harder. I thought it would be fun if I could be topless for a while, and enjoy the movie.

The movie had erotic scenes and sounds too. For me observing my round tits as and when I could see the reflection on the screen felt horny. I have always loved shaking my boobs when I lie facing the ground, as they seem way sexier then.

So by now, my concentration has drifted from the movie and turned out to be partly my body and partly the movie. I wanted to moisturise my breasts and give them a massage. I sat upright and continued to do so for about 10 minutes.

There comes a beautiful fast number song from the movie now, giving me more energy to enjoy myself. Lying back on my tummy again, I left my right hand, slowly into my shorts and then under the panties to check on the fluids. My pussy has started to lubricate itself for me to finger it easier. I can also feel those tiny bumps and tiny hair growing on my vagina, which I happened to shave recently.

I just wanted to try some different position this time, keeping the laptop apart. I decided to spread my legs and keep it on the wall, long and straight. Ohh wow, it’s exciting to see how boobs seem smaller when we lie upright, facing the ceiling.

I decided to moisturise my pussy again so that rubbing could give more pleasure and fragrance. It was indeed a nice view for me, to take a look at my curvy body, with the legs up straight, hands having fun with my pussy and my boobs which looked like small sand- dunes!

Since my legs are spread apart now, I loved the way how easy it was for my fingers to do deep inside, and vibrate within continuously, with two of my fingers together, just like how a vibrator toy would do and feel those pink and fleshy muscles inside my hole. I love giving intervals in between and then rushing back again to continue masturbating.

Well, so I was finally naked by the end of the movie, experimenting with those sexy moves that I came across in the movie, rolling on the bed naked and trying sexy lip movement (common in most movies) were definitely what drove me to the peak of the arousal, where I could feel my body turn hot as I continuously enjoyed fingering my pussy.

It was also a different experience this time since the visuals gave me an extra hype than my usual masturbation sessions, where I had to imagine situations. The visuals and arousals of the male actor was extremely an added advantage, that gave me a chance of orgasm finally!

Journal Entry 4 – Pleasure After Shaving

Journal Entry 4 - Friday, 8th Jan 2021 Time: 4 PM - Pleasure After Shaving

It’s been about 1 month since I have shaved, my legs and pussy. I was lazy all these days, but yes, sometimes I feel the need to maintain the girliness and that sexy body, so I decided to shave today, while I bath.

I am always excited to bath on the days I plan to shave. It does take a lot of time, but the after-effects are great and satisfying I feel.

I started shaving legs only recently after I joined college. So like most of the time, I feel excited today, to shave down there, and feel the smooth apple-like surface of my pussy.

I wonder how hormones work and how our body reacts as and when we decide to do something. After getting undressed, my nipples have become that extra hard, maybe a sign of temptation beforehand, to enjoy that womanly sexiness.

I love creating that foam before shaving, I do it with my body wash, and the scrub that creates extra foam, more lathered, that can make the process easier and fun. I also like to shave by creating designs on the pussy, so that it would feel sexier.

I also, remove my mirror on the bathroom wall and place it right in front of me, so that I can shave better, with good visualisation. So yes, as I open my legs, to start foaming over my pussy, I could feel that warmth in between in the legs, as I open my legs further to see the hole, open up gradually, where those sensitive pink mouth of the vagina makes me appreciate the worldly creations!

I sit there, observing the lovely vaginal petals, the different skin tones around and within, rubbing my pussy for about 10 minutes and then started to foam over there and start shaving, and arrive at a design. I have not yet decided of what shape I would do it in, but yes, lathering there, seems to be a calming feel.

Though I have made it all ready to shave my pussy first, I changed my decision to shave my legs first, because, that would be easier than the latter. I did the same procedure, to shave my legs and make it silky smooth.

Now, I start to plan a design for my pussy again, to decide on how to make it beautiful,  Why not a heart shape over there? I have previously tried it but turned out to be a flop, unfortunately.

I thought to give it a try again since I have more time and a mirror to do it perfectly. Well, that took about 15 minutes, to carefully, shave around, with a hairy heart in between. Once again, I lathered the rest of the part, Oh wow…I have no words to explain how it felt! The area felt more tender and fresh now, just like how it used to be in pre-puberty period. I could feel the smoothness literally, and I kept imagining how it would be if someone else could rub my pussy for me right now…!

Slowly and slowly, I kept rubbing there and I could feel the fluid mixing with the soap, so there was more than enough lubrication for me to masturbate right now, not for long, since there is soap involved it would burn, but ya…the shaved pussy tempted me to go deep in there, with my fingers, that feel of natural fingering looking at the mirror, with my wet body. The view on the mirror, as and when I could take my fingers in and out of the fresh, shaved and ca learner hole made the process more stimulating. To play by vibrating inside the hole and the movement it caused to my body, that stretch of the abdomen and slight shake of the boobs felt wonderful. I usually apply coconut oil after shaving and rub there so that it remains smooth for a longer time.


The session was quite short this time, which lasted only up to 15 minutes(fingering alone), but what made it more enjoyable was how I observed my wet and shaved body throughout the time.