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Journal Entry 26 – After Rain Scenes

Journal Entry 26 Thursday , 23th March 2021 Time: 8 PM - After Rain Scenes

Today has turned out to be a great day finally, you know that amazing feeling when it rains during the terrible summer season. Today especially has not been quite a good day, and on top of that, the heat really annoyed me. Even so, I did not give up my workout routine, because I am genuinely loving it. But I chose a shorter duration of workout today because I could not be patient for long. When my workout was almost over, I heard thundering and saw lightning flash across the curtains….aww…what else could I want! The signal of rain in this scorching summer made me feel better for sure. Yet, I did not trust the signals completely, because there have been times when rain simply disappeared after a great build-up.

Hence, I waited for the rain to start, so that I can be happy with no doubts within. So I could feel the slow cool breeze through the windows and that pleasant smell when rain falls on the soil. I have always loved that smell, since childhood. So, it was a perfect mood now, and my workout mood just increased, because working out in such nice weather, especially at night, would be the best feeling ever. I finished my workout within the next 5 minutes and was almost gonna bathe, when the idea of  going and getting wet in the rain just like how I used to in childhood came to me. Gratefully, my parents allowed me to do the same, but told me not to stay long under the rain, because it is the first rain after a long time and hence could be toxic and stuff!

I have always loved dancing in rain, like to simply jump and jump as if nobody is watching me and to feel those water drops fall on my face, the fragrance around at the time of rain, it is overall definitely an awesome mood. So, I enjoyed playing in the rain for about 10 minutes and was completely wet. Then, I came to the bathroom, and looked at myself in the mirror, in which I looked super sexy because I had worn a white t-shirt and a pink bra inside and altogether being wet looked hot. My clothes stuck to my body clearly showing off my curvy body. With great effort, I removed my bra alone and looked at my breasts through my t-shirt, how aroused my nipples were and how they could be seen through the white cloth. I am in love with this feeling when my body is wet with water as well as the horniness to simply explore how every part of my body feels.

I then removed my shorts and panties and rubbed my pussy, to make it feel warm after getting cold in the rain. I was somehow excited to have fun with my clitoral area because it felt awesome to touch now, after being soaked in rainwater. In the beginning, I rubbed the clit area, concentrating more over there, than on the rest of my pussy. And I could feel the pleasure, as I started to vibrate my fingers over there. I decided to sit down on the bathroom floor to enjoy it more, rather than standing, and opened my legs more apart to explore the inner depths of my pussy as always. I inserted my finger into the hole and pulled it out, slowly, to feel the pleasure, after which I speeded up the process, for about 3 minutes.

But unfortunately, I had felt a little burning over there, probably due to the less amount of natural lubrication this time, due to which I could not experience the pleasure of orgasm this time. Yet, I loved this new experience of masturbating after the rain!

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