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Journal Entry 21 – Never Ending Sexual Imaginations!

Journal Entry 21 Thursday , 11th March 2021 Time: 9 PM - Never Ending Sexual Imaginations!

I always get these exciting sorts of wonders, especially concerning sex, right since from when I came to know about this adult stuff. So, today one such thought which came to my mind was how men shave their pubic hair, and how it would be on the super sensitive skin of their dick. Hence, I decided to look upon the internet, and chose youtube, since I wanted to see it visually as well.

As I searched, there were some videos on how men get the waxing done. The interesting part was how women were doing the waxing for them, while men lay naked, with their dick exposed to the lady carrying out the task. I wondered how both of them would feel, the lady getting a chance to explore a stranger’s dick, for this purpose. I also wondered, how would she be controlling herself from giving him a handjob or even a blowjob. But the waxing seemed to be painful over there, as it would be for every woman as well!

So I watched about three to five videos, in which the dick was hard and aroused I suppose, maybe a reaction as a result of the pain too! So, these in turn were more than enough to give rise to my imaginations. I imagined how I would be such a sluttish woman, if I was in those ladies’ roles, I would try to make use of the opportunity, to feel the most out of the dicks I liked the best for sure!

I was wearing a t-shirt with buttons, with my bra inside. I imagined how I could touch the tips of the dick, with my nipples, and rub it slowly. I quickly unhooked my bra, and removed the bra out, with the shirt on, which was quite a tedious task, but I just wanted to feel my hard nipples. And then I removed a few buttons, so that I could take my boobs out. I squeezed them together, all plumpy and hard of course and I lay on my stomach, to make them look juicer. I wanted to place something underneath, on the surface of the bed, some raw object like a dick, so that I could feel my two tender nipple tips rubbing against an object. But I could not find any such object nearby, so I decided to moisturize my nipples instead so that I could feel them wet and moist. I gave my boobs a few shakes, in that same position, and enjoyed the way my boobs jiggled left and right.

I then sat straight on the bed, imagining me sitting on a man, and shaving his dick, playing with his dick, and teasing him. Also, how it would be to insert his dick in between my bust..and give him a boobjob or whatever it’s called! Lol! Hence, I decided to masturbate in a different position this time. In some what of a cowgirl style sex posture, I placed my basic 6 inches long dildo below, so I could insert it into my pussy hole. I balanced with my hands on the bed, and my ass towards the bed, because, only then was this position possible, since I did not have a real man to do it to right now. I ensured that the toy remained firm underneath, by placing them in between the crack of the two single mattresses on my double bed. I could feel pleasure, as the toy went to the depths of my pussy as I sat down and got back up, imagining how the man would be enjoying the beauty of my jiggling boobs while doing it.

I continued doing the same for about 5 minutes, with mixed emotions of desire for sex, missing my boyfriend and wanting intimacy led to a climax that felt great, as I could see my pussy’s white-colored fluid all around my toy as well as on my bed sheet. I got that sudden familiar feeling of satisfaction, which sure made my climax feel great!

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