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Journal Entry 22 – Sexy Summer Nights

Journal Entry 22 Saturday , 13th March 2021 Time: 11 PM - Sexy Summer Nights

Well today, I felt frustrated because of the huge climate change that is taking place. Every other season in India feels good, except for the terrible summer, which simply turns hotter and hotter every year. So, I have always had a set of summer home clothes, to survive such temperatures. Another interesting thing that I had noticed about myself is that every year, during summer, my horniness is at its peak… I wondered why this  happens. Like, I have noticed this right from the time I started self-exploring. Like, I usually forget about this during other times of the year, but somehow I get aroused on summer nights. Maybe it’s the time of vacations at school and college, but I still wonder why this happens to me!

So, it is again one such summer night. I decided to sleep in my slip and shorts alone, because, the less the clothes, the better the sleep is in summer for me. Hence, I am wearing my nude-colored slip and my blue-colored shorts, sleeping in my favorite corner of the bed, the window side. I love how the street lights reflect on my body. And as usual, I suddenly awoke from my sleep, and gazed at the lights. I felt completely free as though I was wearing nothing on. I tilted my head down, and looked at my boobs. Since I was lying sideways, I noticed how the slip got stuck in between my boobs. It was like two balloons wrapped with a cloth, which aroused me to feel pleasure. I even imagined what it would be like if a robber just sneaked into my room, and saw me like this, how we would end up satisfying each other. Lol. So, I gave space in my mind for a stranger now and imagined how eager he would be to grab my breasts and even suck them. Yet, I would let him wait outside the window, and tempt him slowly. Ahh…. I wished for some good-looking stranger to peep through the window!

I wanted to feel the hardness of my nipples, and how he would admire them through the window grill, eagerly waiting for a chance to suck them. I slowly removed the thin straps of my slip, to show off my round shoulders, and then a wider cleavage. Oops… I had to pull that part of the slip stuck in between my breasts to proceed to undress. I did so and admired how long my breasts looked in that sideways sleeping position, in such a way that I could only see the areolas of my nipples and not the tips! Then, I slowly gave myself some extra arousal with the fingers, by moving them from the neck, to in between my boobs, which led to my belly button! Uff….. I wondered how extra satisfying it would have been if somebody else had done it for me….

Then, I slowly pulled down one side of my shorts to feel that curve of my hip, as well as to massage my ass slightly. I ran my hands over my hip and massaged my ass by sliding in through my shorts. How can I miss tempting my imaginary stranger to my pussy, which he can probably ride during this summer night? I pulled down the other side of my shorts, with my panties too, down to my knees, and exposed my cute V-shaped hairy pussy! I would love to get my pussy licked and sucked, just like how one would do a French kiss on the lips. And  I would give in return an amazing blowjob to my imaginary stranger, in a 69-position. I could no longer resist fingering my pussy to the fullest, until my fingers would get tired. I wondered if there were sex toys, which could give the satisfaction of oral sex! I continued to finger my pussy, firstly in my pussy opening, up and down, then round and round on the area near the vaginal canal and finally into the depth of my pussy in and out, for about 10 minutes perhaps. It was indeed quite a long session.

And surprisingly I had yet another climax even though I had one in the very same week recently. I would give all the credit to my imaginary stranger, who filled me up with curiosity and desire!

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