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Journal Entry 20 – Desire for Bathroom Sex

Journal Entry 20 Sunday , 7th March 2021 Time: 6 PM - Desire for a Bathroom Sex

Days seem to pass by quicker nowadays, and my routine seems to be changing overall. I recently decided to take a break from social media, so that I can be more productive, and at the same time, find time for myself. Hence, I have also started devoting more time to working out and taking care of my body and mind, in which self-pleasuring myself also plays a major part. For almost the past year, I was mostly roaming around braless, but now, I wear a bra in the daytime, and take a second bath in the evening, after my workout, which is my favorite hour of the day nowadays.

Also, I started loving my evening baths, since it feels so good, in this humid weather of March. It is like, after the bath, I get all the freedom and my boobs are the happiest to be free for the whole night. So I get to enjoy the beauty of my breasts, with the bra as well as without the bra, and both have a different type of sexiness I would say! While wearing the bra, I feel my breasts lifted, perfectly in place, also increasing the beauty of my boobs with the bra’s colorful pattern and fit. It often tempts me to lift my top, and just look at how beautifully it adds value to my body. On the other hand, without a bra, I like the way they are freed, like how a bird feels out of its cage, with all the freedom, to jump around and breathe fresh air.

Right now, I am in the bathroom, under the shower, enjoying my evening bath. I decided to get myself wet with the bra and panties on and to feel my sexiness in the mirror. I have always felt aroused, when wet under rain or showers ever since puberty. I don’t know how many would have noticed that my nipples too love the rain I suppose. I have always seen them peep through my clothes, when my wet clothes stick to my body, embracing my breasts with wetness. I walked to the mirror in the bathroom and to no surprise, saw them peep out again. I am entirely wet now, which makes it a bit hard to feel the fluid that comes out of my pussy. Oh yes, this makes me wonder, how people have sex in the pools. How beautiful would that be, especially in a jacuzzi kind of a setup, how badly I wish to experience all these in my life, but at the same time, it is so depressing to know that the corona virus is still spreading, making me wonder if I would ever get a chance to have sex with my loved one!

Imagining taking a bath together with my partner, I slowly unhooked my bra, to see my boobs with tiny water droplets over them, they jumped out with joy of their freedom. Next, I removed my panties, all the way down, at the same time looking down, at how good my boobs look while I bent. I decided to sit on the bathroom floor, right under the tap, leaning on the wall, to see the water from the tap flow through my cleavage. I spread my legs and tried to feel the fluid by letting my fingers of my left hand into the pussy area . To be honest, that was the hardest part I would say, my pussy’s lubrication was not very observable with all the water around. Still, I did not refrain! I massaged the opening of my pussy, in a fast and circular motion, to feel the fluid. After about 3 minutes, I could feel it, my water wet body and my fluid wet pussy, felt great. I have always loved how the tap water falls on my pussy, the force it exerted gave me more pleasure so I changed my posture, and opened my legs a bit wider  to ensure that the water splashed into my pussy opening to feel the force. I moaned out of joy, and shook my boobs, left and right…aww…that felt fabulous, as I did not turn off the tap, for like 5 minutes, my pussy was washed thoroughly with the flow of the water.

I suppose, more fluid would have been washed away in that flow, as the water fell on my pussy. I felt the joy of climaxing after quite a long time because of the gap in my masturbation sessions!

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