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Journal Entry 25 – Finding a New Natural Toy

Journal Entry 25 Friday , 19th March 2021 Time: 12 PM - Finding a New Natural Toy

So today, I have been feeling all horny and moody right from the morning. I had even started my day by giving my boobs a massage, while in bed, due to which the mood seemed to remain throughout the day. I am in a mood to try something new today, to try something different sexually, something I have not done or experienced so far. I kept on thinking about how to go about it, during my online classes lol! Then, I went into the kitchen, where I found the apt object to try masturbating with. Yup… it’s that cute long dick-shaped vegetable, “The Brinjal”. I have homegrown brinjals, which are so natural in length, but a bit thorny at one end, the stem part.

There were about 5 brinjals, which my mom had plucked from our kitchen garden. I was confused about which one to steal from the kitchen…Lol! Since my mom saw me walking around the house jobless, she asked me if I could help her in cleaning the fridge…I thought for a while and realized that it would be the best opportunity to steal my toy for today… and after putting in an effort of like half an hour, I slowly took it to my room, and closed the door, in the name of taking a shower. As I said before, one end of the vegetable had thorny parts, which was dangerous for this act of course. Hence, I grabbed my scissors and cut that part off. Now, it seemed perfect and exciting. Also, this was my first time experimenting with a vegetable. I was sure that it would not break in between or something… yet I was just excited to start off and give a treat to my pussy.

I decided to lubricate the vegetable as well as my pussy with coconut oil, because yes it was thicker than I thought. I loved the process of oiling it too…imagining oiling a thick fleshy penis. So, I removed my t-shirt and shorts, and had a quick look in front of the mirror, to see my damn erect nipples, peeping through my bra which probably knew something interesting was ahead. Everything was almost set, but I was confused about which position to try. After a lot of great thinking, maybe like 2 minutes, I decided to try two positions in total, which would hopefully give me an orgasm.

My first position was doggy style because I was aroused by reading a secret sex experience on quora. I removed my panties, because it would be more comfortable to insert them then, but had my bra on. So, I faced the mirror, balanced with one hand on the ground, while the other rubbed the tip of the vegetable on my clits. I could no longer wait to let the vegetable in, and feel the pleasure of this thick and yummy natural toy inside me! I slowly pushed it in, though it hurt a bit, but was alright as it reached the depths. I did not move it for like one minute or so, because I just wanted to feel my pussy stuffed. Then, I pulled it out and pushed it in again and continued the same for only about 2 minutes, because the position was really hard to maintain without proper support. As I looked at the brinjal, it looked yummy covered with my fluid.

I was eager to try the next position, to hold it below the pussy, and squat over it. I thought it would be better to remove my bra for this position and enjoy the way my boobs bounce as well. It seemed way more comfortable than the previous one, I also gave gaps in between to massage my boobs and then continued doing it, on which I spent a total of like 5 minutes perhaps. While masturbating, I loved how my belly button shrinks as I would squat in the process.

The session was an unforgettable one for me because this was my first session with a vegetable in place of a toy. To add to the happiness, I was super happy to feel the peak of my climax this time, which was definitely because of that extra excitement I suppose.

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