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Journal Entry 18 – Words Leading to Horniness!

Journal Entry 18 Tuesday , 16th Feb 2021 Time: 4 PM - Words Leading to Horniness!

Today, I felt like simply going through my journal about my masturbation sessions, simply to know how it all started and how it felt, right from the beginning and until now. The way it started, and what made me start writing these, thinking of all my entries gave me goosebumps as well as a completely different feeling about what I have been doing. I never knew written words could have such a drastic effect on a reader, that it could drive one’s sexual desire. For me, going through my own experiences itself gave me sexual pleasure and a wanting to do more.

It has almost been about 15 write-ups, and the words I have used and the way how I have expressed them gave me the pleasure about how I had felt at that moment. It was quite an interesting experience I would say. As I read my first writeup, my 2nd and thereon, it was filled with sexual desire and how I tried to satisfy each of them, by myself and finding joy out of it.

As I read them, lying on my stomach, with the laptop in front of me, I could feel my breasts pressed against the bed, I just imagined how it would have been if it was pressed against a man’s chest. Instead of the bed, if I was lying on a naked man and feeling his hairy chest against my boobs and his hard dick, wet with precum, pressed against my stomach. That would be a great feeling, especially if it was with affection and love, how badly I wish I could experience all these over a sleepover with my boyfriend! These thoughts made me emotional and I decided to sit straight and stop craving for getting physical attachment. All I could do now is to enjoy myself.

I rubbed my nipples with the shirt on and pinched them slightly with my thumb and index finger. After a few seconds, they showed up erect. I ran to the mirror, to observe the beauty of my nipples peeping out through the top since I was braless as usual. I stood sideways and observed how hard they were. And thought if it was this erect through the top, how beautiful would it be when I am completely naked. Without wasting time, I just lifted my top and my slip, to see those two long water balloons like sandal-colored objects simply hang on my chest. I wanted to moisturize them for no reason, but to simply pamper them. I took a lot of moisturizer in both my hands and slowly covered my nipples and my areolas. That was a beautiful art too. I wished if I could get an opportunity to play with colors on my body, to make it more colorful naturally, and how it would feel with a soothing paintbrush moving all over my body!

How can I forget my beautiful naturally sculptured pussy of mine, and being hairy, how it looks like a tree with branches and leaves. I removed my panty and pampered it too, it created extra lubrication. At that time, I lay on the bed, looking at the beautiful greenery outside, massaging my boobs with my right hand and my pussy with the left. I wished if I could be captured like in those model kinda pictures, a view from the top, of my fully naked body on the bed, with my nipples and my pussy covered artistically, with some creative objects like flowers. Such an imagination just increased my sexual drive, and I opened my legs, forming an M shape and inserted my middle finger into my pussy hole, deep within, as much as possible, and moved them in a vibratory motion inside continuously with no gap, for like 3 minutes, imagining a real energetic long dick go deep inside me. I was craving to feel a raw pink and long penis within my hole. That was the best part, to feel the climax and moan out of joy and look at my white cum, in drops on my bed sheet!

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