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Journal Entry 23 – Home Alone Times!

Journal Entry 23 Tuesday , 16th March 2021 Time: 7 PM - Home Alone Times!

Again..all I have to describe is about the terrible summer season, which makes me tired every day, the sun drinking up all my energy and I simply wait for the evenings and nights, which seem to be a bit cooler in temperature, which puts me in a better mood as always. It’s time for my evening refreshing bath and my gateway to freedom, braless, with the vibe of yellow fairy lights in my room! Today I had also come across various DIY cloth stuff, which seemed impractical to wear outside casually. Yet, I thought why not try it at home to add spice to my home alone times. My parents were at my relative’s place, for a function, which I could not attend due to my classes. Yet, I am happy, I get some home alone time again, especially at night, which is very rare.

So, as usual, I finished my workout and got all drenched in sweat. I chose to wear a super sexy laced slip along with my panties for  this home alone night, to make the best out of it. I usually take my clothes to the bathroom, but today I left them on my bed, to step out maybe naked after the bath, and admire my wet and sexy body in the mirror, with the yellow dim lights around. I decided to take a shower bath, which I do only when I am high in the mood. I undressed and threw my clothes onto the ground, in a dramatic way because I knew this was the best opportunity, which came up only rarely for me!

Then, I applied coconut oil, on my upper body, my neck, around my shoulders, on my juicy boobs, and then around my belly button. I have always loved admiring my body, when I bathe, after applying coconut oil, the way the water droplets remain on my super moisturized body parts. I wore a shower cap since I did not wanna wash my hair because that was gonna consume a lot of time. I spent around 15 minutes under the shower, massaging my boobs in between too! Then I folded my long towel, as I saw in the video, in a way that wrapped around my chest area, front and the back.

As I then stepped out of the bathroom, wiped my feet on the mat, I walked straight to the long mirror, and slowly unwrapped the DIY towel wrap around to see my fully naked body and what changes have happened to my body. It was sad to see those marks underneath my breasts, which returned since I started wearing bras in the daytime again nowadays. Otherwise, it was as natural as before, but a bit oily today, which looked attractive. I closed my curtains, so that nobody could peep through, and went close to the mirror, I do not know what made this, but I grabbed my breasts with both hands, just by my nipples, and pinched them hard, being super lubricated, they felt silky smooth and slippery. I pinched them about three times, and experimented pulling them a bit upwards and then leaving it, which made my boobs jiggle wild. And how will I miss my favorite part of giving my boobs that filmy shake, especially now that they look extra juicy with the oil and water droplets on it?

Now, I slowly massaged my pussy area, which was still hairy and wet, with water as well as my yummy fluid. I kept rubbing the surface of my pussy with my left hand, around and around, to make it warmer. After about 2 minutes, I moved my legs a little wider, and while in the same standing position, I inserted my left-hand middle finger, into my  hole, reaching the depths of my pussy, moving in a vibratory motion, with my right hand resting on the hip. It felt amazing to see my reflection on the mirror as well. I could see my body, my full-body’s movements in front of the mirror, to which I was lost in the moment. The way my abdomen muscles contracted and how well my curves looked while masturbating. How can I not appreciate my boobs which too were responding with damn erect nipples!

I continued fingering for about 3 minutes and looked at how my middle finger was covered with my white-colored fluid, making it cause another orgasm, which is a hattrick in a row… to my surprise again!

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