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Journal Entry 13 – Sexual Curiosity Driven

Journal Entry 13 Sunday, 31st Jan 2021 Time: 5 PM - Sexual Curiosity driven

I have been actively searching for part-time opportunities on the internet to keep myself engaged. And that’s when I came across something awkward today. I saw an opportunity inviting female writers, which I thought would give females a preference. So, I went on bidding on the same, to which I got a reply within seconds.

As I asked for details of the work to be done, something seemed fishy, but at the same time, I was curious about the opportunity. Also, I got confused when two chats opened up, against the same project, like so much demand for something on such freelancing sites was something unusual. I continued to enquire about the work to be done, while they asked my age as well. So, this person continued to describe the task, which to my shock what they wanted was phone sex. They claimed this to be a relaxation from their busy schedules and so on.

I was in a dilemma, because of this exciting task, but also thinking about the dreadful consequences that would arise in the future, in terms of privacy and safety. But still, I was so eager and excited to try it out, but with a lot of fear inside. So, we decided mutually, to simply try this out, this being my first time with a stranger.

We got in touch on another chat platform, so that things would be more private as such. I felt so awkward, at the same time, excited to know how it would work. It was just a casual start, I wonder if the person too did not know how to carry it on or like how to give it a proper start. Yes, I felt horny for the things I could do and show him, plus it was gonna be a two-way contract, but it did not even start lol. I felt afraid as well as guilty of what could happen, and refrained from the task, the person too was understanding and never forced me further.

Even though that was over, I was still horny. I just wanted to expose and show some stranger my body and feel some pleasure out of it. Again, that could only happen in dreams right now, so I decided to record myself stripping and masturbating. I had a quick bath and wore the sexiest pair of my laced red bikini. I fixed my phone, on the dressing table which is close to the end of by bed, I lay on the bed, and started. I wanted to see the beauty of what I was doing, so I faced the camera, and unhooked my bra, after literally showing off, every detail of the bra, its laces, and the lift which it gives makes my boobs look juicer. I then stood on my knees and enjoyed how well the panty covers my pussy, in that cute v-shape and my bubbly ass. I ensured all of it was getting recorded in full view by maintaining a distance from the camera, by turning back. I could no longer wait, to spread my legs open, the camera focusing on my hole, and to insert my toy and let my boobs bounce out of pleasure.I removed my panties quickly to start with the main part. I inserted my dildo and pushed it in and out in slow motion in the beginning, with the increasing speed of the movement by myself to the fastest possible. I could not see all these on the camera, since my upper body was on the bed, facing the ceiling, with my wide open legs on the table, which is close to my bed, with my pussy in prime view of the camera.

Though I could feel myself ooze cum, in much more quantity than recently, I could not enjoy seeing the visuals on the camera, since I was lying on my back on the bed. I spent almost an hour for the whole session. But what I enjoyed the most, is the recorded video, which I saw soon after the climax, by lying on my back all naked, simultaneously observing my tiny mountain like boobs while in this position. Later on, I ended up deleting the video so that nobody finds it!

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