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Journal Entry 11 – Naked Nights

Journal Entry 11, Monday, 27th Jan 2021 Time: 10 PM - Naked Nights

Who doesn’t love long phone and video calls with the person whom we miss the most? I also love being on call with my long-distance boyfriend, whom I very rarely meet. So, our enjoyment and fun are virtual most of the time.

Calls are added spice when it’s in the night especially. The so-called late-night calls have its essence I believe. It’s not only loving, but lust and desires just arise when we spend this intimate time together. This is not the first time we have ended up doing crazy things during our late night calls.

It’s almost 10 pm right now, and he just called me up. I, on the other hand, am a person who prefers going early to bed, but I do enjoy these chances of spending time together at least on the phone calls. We start talking about what happened throughout the day and also reminiscing about the memories while we used to meet rarely. It was a quite funny talk and good time pass.

But all of a sudden, I start feeling so much for him, to meet him, to feel a kiss or a hug and so on. We start to tell how much we miss each other and also what we would do if we ever get a chance to get physical. Even thinking about it gives me goosebumps, to be honest. I don’t know if it’s just me, who feels like this, but I am on one hand eager to explore each other on the bed, but on the other hand, afraid of what would happen, if we are out of control and the consequences of it, especially in the Indian society.

So, thinking of all that, virtual relationships are better I feel, we can get satisfied via sexting and phone sex and all that. It’s quite fun too. He understands exactly when I get into the mood and when I am not. Today, I think I am more in the mood than him, because he says his dick isn’t that excited yet. I love to see how gradually his dick gets straight when I show him what he wants.

When I am horny like this, I find it hard to control myself and stop myself from flashing him. I turned on the dim light of my room and took my boobs out of the bra to turn him on. Well, that did work of course. Also, doing it all virtually also makes it more interesting, comfortable and less awkward than doing it in person, because it is me who is gonna make myself happy, with my masturbation techniques and stop only when I am done, unlike how in sex when your partner gets done when he is satisfied you are left unsatisfied.

He undressed in front of me and showed me his naked hairy body on the mirror with that dick projecting as a 3D figure, which was indeed a turn on and as well as a  signal for me to strip, on the camera. I apply moisturiser all over my body starting from my feet and then to the top. He admires my boobs as and when I bend down whole applying it and  we look at each other. This feeling itself is so satisfying I would say. I rub my nipples on its tip and also pull and twist them and show him how good I feel. He asks me to shake my boobs right and left, with the shoulder shake which when I do, makes me also feel great.

As I start rubbing my pussy, and pulling my delicate clit in between them imagining his dick rubbing my pussy, when the tips of our genitals meet each other, I insert two of my fingers into the hole, middle finger and the index finger together, in and out I start to cum with thick vaginal fluid. This too is due to the presence of the real dick I believe, otherwise, I would not have cummed so fast.

My reactions have made his dick excited too, he wanted to cum , but by seeing my butt!

After a short foreplay which I always love to make him want for more , I turned behind and showed my ass while squatting so I could see my front on the mirror. He continued to cum while I was relaxing by massaging my boobs with both hands in a circular motion, this ended our 2 hours long video call. Still…I did not get satiated enough by it, and so I slept naked for the whole night, and also experienced sudden arousals and I could feel my boobs and the hairy pussy during the sleep.

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