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Journal Entry 15 – Longing for a One Night Stand

Journal Entry 15 Thursday , 4th Feb 2021 Time: 1 AM - Longing for a One Night Stand

Today something very rare happened. Usually, I masturbate only once a day and not more than that. But tonight, it did not stop with one, I slept after masturbating at night around 1 pm, but I awoke again with another thought in my mind. I had recently met a foreigner whom I had mentioned earlier. But his looks still attract me, I saw him again today, walking around in the evening. He is not too tall, but yet fair, blue-eyed, and fit.

So that day, he was pretty impressed with my English communication which he appreciated. I felt glad about it, but I wanted to discover him at least for a night. I badly wanted to just suck his pure pink cock and make him cum on my boobs, which was all only a dream and can never happen. But why not fantasize about it tonight, now in the dark along with the light moonlight.

I imagined him visiting my home again, in the night, with nobody else at my home. That would leave me in a fantasy world for sure. So, in our first and last conversation so far, I realized the fact that he has had many girlfriends. But still…I don’t think he would have had an Indian girlfriend, but maybe he had slept with Indian girls for sure. Still… why can’t he have fun with me too? Here starts my imagination…

I would take him to the bedroom, with intentions clear. I hope he gets attracted at least to my soft, round ass, especially with me being in my cute night shorts right now. Also, I hope approaching him braless would be an advantage, to get his attention on my round breasts, which slightly jiggle as I walk. I would make him sit next to me and start with eye contact, but I would not wanna kiss him. I wanna explore his body and feel him explore mine. 

I imagined him wanting to touch my boobs first and with him touching my boobs, he would react with a bold erection that would tempt him further. But in the beginning, I would only allow to touch my breasts with my slip on and not naked. I wanna see his eagerness to feel them. I am literally doing all these like a solo act right now, which gives me control and is making my session perfect. As I grabbed my boobs with the slip on, imagining him doing it. I felt the need to flash myself in front of him. As I remove the slip and show him my breasts by holding both of them together, I can imagine the surprise in his eyes, seeing my round bouncy boobs exposed to him exclusively. I would like it if he first grabs and massages them and then slowly starts to suck them hard. I would no longer be able to control my temptation for his dick and would give him a signal by rubbing his dick through his shorts. Hopefully, he allows me for more, I would love to see him undressed and give his dick a handjob. I would kneel and admire his pink long dick (hopefully), give him a blow job and also lick his balls. I suck my toy, to get that feel and enjoy it now. I wonder if there are sex toys that could cum like men! I sucked the toy and licked its tip, imagining how I would do it on the tip of his raw and fleshy cock.

I would then attract him to my pussy by fingering myself through my shorts and signal him so that we could start fucking. I would not get enough of giving him the blow job and hence would make him lie on his back. Imagining him in that position, I bent like those in the doggo sex position and sucked my toy, my boobs hanging like two balloons from my chest would make it a great sight. This time, I fixed the toy on the bed in between two pillows, so that it was steady and sat on it so that it enters my hole, just like how his dick would! I repeated sitting and getting up about 7 times, slowly yet gave immense pleasure as I massaged my boobs it felt like a dick going deep inside me from underneath.

The position was hard to continue, doing it alone, without any support. I could realise me cumming within like a few seconds. Yet, as I removed the toy from the bed, I could see the toy covered in white cum of mine, and also droplets of my cum on my bed sheet. It  marked my wonderful climax of this session indeed!

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