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Journal Entry 7 – To Remain Awake

Journal Entry 7 - Saturday, 16th Jan 2021 Time: 2 PM - To Remain Awake

So today’s incident is a pretty funny one indeed where I had to masturbate to stay awake and feel energised, to avoid drowsing off from my boring online classes. I have online classes for almost until the evening every day.

I am an early bird in general but falls asleep during the afternoon sessions since I would feel heavy after lunch. But today’s class is really important, that I should not fall asleep. I knew the best interesting thing to do would be to masturbate.

The only fear in my mind was if my camera would turn on by mistake, that would be the biggest ever embarrassing moment. I had to ensure that it didn’t happen. I just had to stay awake for the whole 2-hour session.

I shut the door of my room, telling mom that the noise around was troubling me. My body could already sense the plan in my mind, which made my nipples harder. I undressed slowly, by starting with my top wear, and then my bra, I love the way my boobs simply slip out as and when I remove the bra, the way they feel released. Those dark brown nipples of mine have simply become more aroused, but a bit dry. I have always noticed this, my nipple area seems to feel dry most of the time. Hence, I end up moisturising and massaging them.

I love feeling my body while stretching, my belly button and those curves near my hip, size being 36. I also like touching my pelvic bones around my hips that lead to the pussy. Also, I like to explore my vagina through my panties rather than removing everything I wear underneath.

I am trying to handle both, to enjoy masturbation as well as to make my mind ready to listen to the class. I have a beautiful long mirror in my room, which makes it possible for me to admire my body whenever I want. I start to pose in front of the mirror, like those seen in pictures of models. I untied my curly hip-length hair, and covered them on my boobs, on each side. That did look great and sexy. I wish I could simply go and seduce somebody with this new look.

I dragged my dressing table chair, sat and opened my legs while wearing my shorts. Because, I have told you, I like that feeling of masturbating intimately, without actually getting naked over there. Ohh yes, that’s when I remembered to try twerking. I have tried it many times before but wasn’t able to get it perfect so far. This time, since I wore nothing above, to see myself twerking was sexy on the mirror, as my boobs seem to have given more movements than my ass!

I imagined myself seducing somebody in that way and then starting to fuck. I wanted a deeper sensation this time, so I grabbed that dick-like bottle which I use as a toy and inserted it into my hole, to feel the pleasure. There seems to be less fluid this time, but I wonder why. Still, I continued moving it in and out, through my not so lubricated pussy. It felt raw and harsh, but I did enjoy it, that pain was indeed pleasing, since I thought this is how it feels when a dick enters our vagina for the first time, because I have never had sex in reality. The hole, how it expands and lets it’s companion in!

I continued moving it in and out of my vagina for about 10 minutes and rubbing those sensitive petals of my pussy, with the other hand. But I did not experience orgasm this time, probably due to the less natural lubricant. Thankfully, the session did help to stay awake for my class which was  my major goal this time!

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