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Journal Entry 16 – Arousals Based on Clothes

Journal Entry 16 Monday , 8th Feb 2021 Time: 8 PM - Arousals Based on Clothes

So, most of my night clothes are tee shirts and shorts, also dresses which I am usually comfortable with. So, being at home all these many months has mostly been braless times as well. So, I have always felt different while being braless with different clothes, like sometimes it makes my boobs shaky and even makes my nipples noticeable, while with some it just remains unnoticed unless aroused.

Also, I have some of my shirt type clothes for home wear, which I wear on days I feel extra sexy. I love how comfortable it is to explore myself when wearing shirts. The ease to unbutton them gives an extra feel to be aroused. Today is one such day, where I purposely wore this button shirt so that I can just strip and explore myself in front of the mirror.

To be honest, I think most of the time, I start my masturbation sessions by enjoying my boobs and then later on to the pussy. So I stand now, in front of the mirror with my light blue half-sleeved shirt and the white slip which I wore within. I have always believed that wearing transparent clothes gives an extra boldness for a woman. I deeply observe my body in the mirror, with the clothes as I notice the two 3D tips, 1 cm long bulging out from the boobs. It looked sexy, and like those in old Indian sculptors, how women are carved with round breasts and nipples. So, I thought it would be more embracing, if I slowly pull down my slip, and see the nipples covered with the shirt alone. Hence, I lifted my shirt for the time being, and pulled the slip down a bit and pulled my breasts out and pulled my shirt back down, making it more transparent to see through the light-colored shirt. It was super sexy then. For a few minutes, I wondered how beautiful it would be if I could see myself like this, after getting wet, like after a shower, so that the shirt would be more transparent and stuck to the body. I did not have the time to go take a shower now, just for this, so I refrained from that idea and moved on.

So now, I unbuttoned the first two buttons of my shirt, to see a deep cleavage of 6cm on the mirror and how attractive it looked. I could seduce somebody in that costume for sure. It was like two skin-colored long balloons with a bulge at the end, hanging from my chest. I was high in the mood by now and hence wanted to get into the most interesting part, pleasuring my pussy. I removed my shirt and the slip completely, and sat in the chair, in front of the mirror, with just my panties. I have also felt that my boobs look bigger and juicier when I sit rather than when I stand, due to which I chose to sit now.

I had no plan of removing the panties but wanted to rub down there, by sliding my hands through the panties. I get more pleasure when I do it in such a way, but I don’t know why! I could feel my pussy all wet, just like how the ground feels wet after a slight drizzle. With the help of two fingers of my left hand, I rubbed on the opening of my vagina, just like how dancers do this so-called moonwalk on the floor. So, my two fingers danced on the opening of my slippery vaginal opening which gave me great pleasure. I did it for about 10 minutes and all of a sudden, all together, with three fingers at a time, half inserted, my index, middle and ring fingers, I fingered my vagina, in a vibratory, back and forth, motion, without taking my fingers out, like how my partner used to do it for me. I did it for about 3 minutes, then, as I took my fingers out of the pussy, they looked super juicy and wet, which tempted me to taste them. Ha ha…. I did taste it, I felt it mostly tasted of salt content.

I did not have that great climax this time too, but yes, I felt better and relaxed after the session, which is the best part!

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