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Journal Entry 9 – Wet Fantasy

Journal Entry 9- Tuesday, 22th Jan 2021 Time: 9 AM - Wet Fantasy

Bathing is something I’ve always been lazy about. But the fun fact is it’s just that laziness to get into the bathroom. Once I am inside I never feel like coming out at all. I also love that feeling of freshness after bathing, touching and feeling every bit of my body, which would be cold and tender.

I use a body wash for a bath since that forms a lot of foam, as well as create that lathering. Even today, I am so lazy to get into the bathroom, but trying to convince myself to somehow start it and feel the goodness.

I love feeling my body in the shower. As I shower, my nipples get hard all the time. I like to feel force on my nipples, which I do by holding my boobs together and sit under the tap open, feeling the water flowing with pressure on my boobs. Ohh, I forgot what I used to do at times which is quite exciting as well. Boobs feel sexier when oiled and wet. I decided to oil them and then pour water, to feel sexier. That is a different beauty I would say, tiny droplets of water on the boobs arouse me.

In the same way, I applied coconut oil over my lightly haired pussy now. It was indeed a good massage and also lubrication on the other hand. This happens every time, I rub my pussy, I simply get aroused to finger it. But this time, since I am in the bathroom, I have the option of using the water on my pussy too. As I have previously mentioned how I enjoy the water pressure when they fall on my boobs, I use the same idea here too. But doing it on the pussy, needs more flexibility and balance, to spread open my legs, lying on my back and lifting the legs open, with the help of balance on the walls that the water falls on my clit. It’s simply magical I would say! I lay in the same position for about 5 minutes, but I felt it quite addictive to keep on doing, to feel the pressure and ultimately the pressure out of it. I kept on feeling the water from the tap, for about 15 minutes, with short breaks in between.

So apparently, it’s been too long, maybe about one hour. I decide to just take a wash quickly because I am quite excited for the next step!

I usually get out of the bathroom wearing my home clothes. But at times, I purposely wrap myself in my towel, to feel good and hot. Also, I wrap myself after getting half wiped, so that I can maintain the hotness, by remaining wet. So basically I have only a smaller mirror in the bathroom, which doesn’t let me enjoy the beauty of my whole body.

As I step into my room, with the towel wrapped around. I simply turn around and around with just towel around in front of the long mirror. I ensure that all the curtains are closed because I am gonna drop down the towel and have fun with myself for some time. I drop it down slowly and see myself with wet hair, wet face, round boobs, the belly button, lightly haired pussy and those wet legs!

I start to massage my boobs again, to feel how well the coconut oil has done its magic on them. My reflection on the mirror simply looks artistic accompanied by the hairy pussy, which looks like a tree bush right now, inviting my hands, to get into its roots and give nourishment. I had no other option, but to grab my flexible dildo which is almost as thick as a dick, I sit on the chair, open my legs, with one hand on my boobs and the other controlling the toy, I work it down there. I see my boobs simply shake with joy. Aww…..the vibration feels great. I wish I could never stop this, I left the toy in there for about 10 minutes, in my vagina, sitting on the chair in the dressing table, and see myself cum slowly, the cum just dripping from the bottom end of my vaginal hole, on the chair, which I had to wipe immediately.

Whenever I masturbate naked, it gives a wonderful climax, which is so relaxing. I lay down, naked on my bed after the climax, for some time and got back to normal with better satisfaction!

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