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Journal Entry 14 – Awakening Sexy Lights

Journal Entry 14 Wednesday , 3rd Feb 2021 Time: 11 PM - Awakening Sexy Lights

Today’s experience was more cinematic I feel. So, there is a wedding taking place in my neighbourhood. Due to the restrictions regarding the pandemic, the function is happening at the bride’s home itself, which is pretty close to my house. I had attended the function in the evening and later came home and slept.

Having the celebrations at home, they have made it as grand as possible, all beautiful fast number songs loud in the speakers along with colourful lights which reflect on my room windows too. It’s almost 11 pm, but the celebrations are still on, with all the noise and disco-like lights.

I just woke from my sleep, as the colourful light fell on my face. I woke up and peeped out of the window to see how energetic all of them were to get ready for the main day, which is tomorrow. I came back to my bed, lay on my back, and wondered how quick my neighbour has grown old and is gonna get married tomorrow. I think this after attending almost every wedding. It does sound stupid, but yeah I imagine about what they would do on their first night lol. I wondered if people have sex on the very first night, it would be terrible if it was an orthodox arranged marriage.

As I think of this, I start obsessively imagine about how things on my first night would be and how sex for the first time would be. It all felt weird yet exciting. Still…why should I wait for that day to come…when I can start exploring my body and it’s pleasures by myself? Also, I had removed my bra after the suffocation it caused after wearing it for the party, so I was wearing only my panties and my slip.

The blue and red lights that entered my room were quite attractive indeed, it gave me the interest to dance, just like how one does in a pub or disco. I did not wanna start dancing naked so I tied up my slip, like that of a bikini, so that it looked super filmy I would say. I looked at myself in the mirror, with the super lights falling on me, and the sexiness that my DIY bikini just gave me. Oops, I noticed there was additional hotness as my nipples decided to point out at the same time! I shook my shoulders, along with which my juicy boobs also gave a shake. I tied my long hair into a bun so that I can dance freely, with nothing to cover my body except for my DIY bikini.

They played songs of all languages, and to my surprise “Love me like you do” played too! To be honest, that song has always tempted me. It was now the perfect vibe. I danced with freedom in my steps, looking at how beautifully my curves make the moves. I did my favourite dance step, which I learnt from the dance workout I follow on YouTube, in which I learnt the basics of belly dance.

Oh no…they turned off the songs, leaving only the lights still on. I just wanted to get satisfied before they turn off the lights next. So, I grabbed a chair, kept it in front of the mirror, and sat there with crossed legs, looking at my bold nipples that remained hard even now. I wish there was some photographer to click my pictures right now, in the beautiful hot lighting and my horny body. Okay..there is no more time to waste, I slowly slid down the thin straps of my slip to see both my boobs and belly button colourful and artistic in the lights. I shook my shoulders again, just to see my boobs jiggle. I moved my right hand inside my panty and then to my pussy opening, which seemed damn wet by now, and simply rubbed myself, over my clit in a vibratory motion for around 5 minutes continuously with my one leg on the ground and another on the chair, so that the area opened up well making it easy to reach between my thighs.

So this was my most cinematic masturbation session, yet exciting and fun, even though it had no climax. But overall, I felt great about the vibe!

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