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Journal Entry 8 – Public Agent Fantasy

Journal Entry 8- Tuesday, 20th Jan 2021 Time: 4 PM - Public Agent Fantasy

Well, today I would like to admit that I have watched porn and also watch it at times, without getting much addicted. I watch it to discover new things about sexual satisfaction. Even today, I feel the desire to look at those videos and enjoy for myself.

So talking about porn, all of us know that there are various categories within the sites as well as a huge number of sites available. So I like this category called “Public agents”, where people go to random hot strangers and ask to undress claiming it to be for some casting for movies and at last they even end up having sex, in return for cash.

I don’t know why I fantasize about this, but I like to watch such situations and how people react in it. I wonder if they do it with knowledge of each other, and pretend to be strangers just for the sake of the video. Leaving all that apart, I find the process and scenes interesting!

So, what I do is select some random porn site and search for this category. I have also noticed that not all the sites have this particular niche. I end up finding it in a site, but there lies a long list of videos to choose from.

I like the ones in which, they get into things slowly, like first to undress and then something like asking for a blowjob and then ends up in sex. I enjoy the whole video, by imagining myself doing what they do on the video.

I try to act in a similar way as in the video. I love making a person wait or like to simply foreplay before getting physical. I dress up in my most sexy outfits, in such a way that my cleavage is shown and pretend to be in the situation. I always act in front of a mirror, since that gives me more arousals.

Just like how they ask to take off every clothing and pose in a seducing manner, I try doing it by simply showing a glimpse of my boobs by seizing it out from the t-shirt for like few seconds. And repeat it after  an imaginary foreplay, where I act hesitant to strip, but at the same time make a seducing eye contact. And then slowly remove my bra and feel like I offer to somebody to admire them. Aww…my nipples have got hard by now adding beauty to my side posture on the mirror, just like two round and pointed  3-D objects projecting from the body. I imagine someone, asking me if they could touch it and me permitting him to enjoy them by licking and sucking it.

In the scene which I am watching right now, the guy grabs the girls butt showing his desire to wanna feel more. That’s more tempting as I remove my clothes underneath, and turn back, looking and massaging my ass by standing. As a next step, the guy asks the model to lie on the bed naked and pose sideways, which I have always loved doing. I lie on the bed in the same way and imagine how his dick gets harder as he unzips his pants. Also the characters on the video being whites, his dick looks pink, yummy and long.

It’s all happening so quickly now, I start imagining how yummy his dick would be, with the cum on it and how it would be if he could cum on my boobs as well. I could no longer resist from fingering my pussy, with the middle finger alone as this time I am seeing a long dick on the screen. I make noise out of pleasure, just like how they are enjoying sex in the video right now, I continued fingering, along with my flooded natural lubricant as a result of the intimate scenes on the screen. I take my finger in and out, continuously and slowly for about 10 minutes.

Omg….thats wow, to have felt the climax more pleasant this time, obviously due to observing the real pink and fleshy uncircumcised dick! I enjoyed the whole session as I tried to replace myself in the position of the character!

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