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Journal Entry 12 – Fantasy About the stranger

Journal Entry 12 Thursday, 28th Jan 2021 Time: 6 PM - Fantasy About the Stranger

Today has been a day full of sexual thoughts for me, right from the early morning onwards. Maybe it’s all because of yesterday. So the previous day, I had met a handsome blue-eyed foreigner who lives nearby my home, who is here to learn martial arts. I got a chance to have a small talk with this person, who seemed friendly. He did look hot of course and is also a professional massager.

I was impressed by talking to him, about his life, journeys and also about his long list of girlfriends. I wondered how enjoyable his life would have been, with his experiences of even one night stands with random girls. I even thought what if I could go and get a massage done from him and have fun, but it’s all just a fantasy which is not possible for me because of society.

I could not stop thinking of him and also my fantasies about him. Also, I have never had an opportunity to see those pink dicks of foreigners which we are seen on porn sites lol! Knowing nothing was gonna happen anyways, I decided to watch porn and satisfy myself, but with added reality.

Also, my parents had gone to attend a wedding, which gave me the whole home for myself, just me and my fantasy. I imagined myself getting a full body massage from a handsome therapist, so I roamed around the home, with a bath towel. I opened my laptop, went incognito and got into a porn site, and selected porn videos with hot and fair guys as the main roles.

In the meantime, I also took a bottle of coconut oil, since I wanted to get into the mood of feeling a massage. Usually, I apply oil, by standing, but this time, I lay down on my bed, slowly unwrapped my towel, and poured coconut oil, first on my belly button, to give it a start. I spread the oil around my tummy and my hips. Then I came above, to my boobs which were simply waiting to feel the massage. I usually massage them at least once a month, which I think has helped their growth and sexiness. I started by first applying oil on the nipples alone  for both sides for about 5 minutes and pulling and squeezing them and  then, around them slowly but together, both at the same time for about 10 minutes, I also pressed them hard and also grabbed it which was indeed pleasing.

Only the next half of the body was remaining anymore to feel the pleasure. I decided to finish massaging my ass first, so that, I can do maximum to my pussy. I turned and lied down on my stomach, took oil on my hands, and massaged my super soft and fleshy ass, with a hip size of 36 for around 10 minutes, also left my oily hands in between the butt, to ensure no part is left without oil. It was almost like how I would massage there, in case of a back pain or something, but this time, with more sexually with seducing touches that I would expect from a massager. That did tire my hands since it was an unusual posture to lie on the stomach and massage one’s butt.

So, finally, I have reached my target, my pussy, which I had been waiting for long. I imagined getting a massage there though I don’t know if massagers give a massage over there in reality!  So I turned back, facing the roof, and opened my legs, into a wide V shape. I oiled my thighs and then poured oil all over my pussy, which felt super lubricated now. I massaged my pussy, with both hands in a circular motion, around every detail of it, the clits and also in such a way that it reached the roots of my pussy hair. which felt heavenly. With no doubt, if some real guy was doing it for me right now, I would have fucked with him, since I am just super aroused, watching the white guy on the screen fuck the female, with his long circumcised damn pink cock! It made me grab my soap bottle, which I use as a toy, and insert it into my hole, again and again, faster and faster in my world full of imagination. That lasted for around 10 minutes again.

The session was tiring this time, but at the same time gave me much pleasure. I wonder why I did not cum this time, but the satisfaction I got is unexplainable. But I have realized that imagination skills can give unforgettable masturbation sessions!

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