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Journal Entry 6 – Desires on Calls

Journal Entry 6 - Tuesday, 12th Jan 2021 Time: 5 PM - Desires on Calls

I have always loved exploring myself, finding joy out of it, as well as mutual masturbation with my partner. A long-distance relationship is something hard to maintain, especially to meet and satisfy each person’s sexual desires. The only way to satisfy at least a part of those desires is video calls.

We have always waited for an opportunity to be alone at home, at the same time. Him alone in his place and me alone in mine. Though we used to sext each other, getting horny on video calls was the most fun.

So, today we have got such an opportunity and I am excited as well. We don’t strip on the calls quickly, but we take it slowly. I get into a mood only when I see something arousing. So, most of the time, he gets me into stripping by showing his thick dick, covered with fluid and simply ready to fuck. I very well know the texture of his dick, since I have previously given him a blow job the last time we met. To make the convo spicier, I do a blowjob with the toy, imagining his pink-tipped circumcised dick, that is a turn -on every time. I love the way he reacts to it, causing both of us to want more and more.

So, we both got naked by now, looking at each other, on the screen of our phone, his hairy chest and the way he admires my boobs make me crave for more, to see him cum. I love massaging my boobs in front of him, to see his horny reaction and to explore each other more and more.

I love the way my partner enjoys my body on the screen, how he appreciates it and how he asks me to keep showing so that he can just stare at them by the time his dick gets damn hard. I love seeing his dick, from the bed when he lies upright. I imagine myself sitting on top of it, the dick making its way deep in my vaginal hole and him massaging my boobs.

But unfortunately, all we can do is imagine and relieve ourselves from the frustration of not being able to be physical in reality. So, I use my sex toy, which is flexible and more real which is almost as thick as his dick that gives me more pleasure.

I keep the phone on the ground, slanting on the wall, and I sit down, to open my legs and show him. He also does the same, so that we get to feel more like having sex. I use the toy and tease my pussy, just like how he does slowly on the screen. It continues for like 5 minutes, and then we decided to take it to the next level, as he is so tempted.

We masturbate quicker, moving his hands back and forth along his dick, while I move the toy exactly in the same frequency as he moves his dick. I do make it better by giving quirky sounds, which he enjoys as well. We mutually decide on how fast to do it, whether to move it slowly or faster. I love massaging my boobs with the other hand, while one plays with the toy. It is also arousing to see my body on the screen, and the way my boobs shake, while I use the toy.

He asks me to show the opening of my pussy, because he wanted to cum. I remove the toy from the way and open up my legs, the view which he now enjoys, to just cum. I love to see the way guys cum, it gives me much more pleasure indeed. But on the other hand, he would no more be interested to continue masturbating, after he cums. But at the same time, I simply want more.

As we disconnect the call, I continue to rub my pussy, for a while, with my fingers, to calm down after the climax. My orgasm this time felt brand new and fresh since I could virtually experience the real dick inside my vagina.

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