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Journal Entry 5 – Fun With the Movies

Journal Entry 5 - Sunday, 10th Jan 2021 Time: 11 AM - Fun with the Movies

Though I have loved most genres of movies, romantic movies were something I had always been attracted to. Watching romantic movies gave me a good level of satisfaction, but yes truly depending on the involvement of the actors in the film.

Not just romance, but yes sometimes I get that desire to watch something hot and nice. I was in such a situation that I decided to watch a Hollywood movie, it was quite a semi-old movie, which was a real-life story.

All I wanted is to enjoy the romantic and erotic scenes, and have fun for myself since I am all alone at home. So, I set up a nice vibe as usual and got into comfy clothes to have a nice feel.

So yes, the movie had quite a realistic story, which felt great. I was lying on my bed, on my stomach watching it on my laptop. Ohh yes, suddenly when the screen blacked out, probably a dark scene going on, I could see my reflection on it. I could see my cleavage, which seemed sexy. And of course, I have been braless!

The scenes continued and also turned to be arousing on the other hand. As and when the characters and their roles got interesting, more of adult content, I could notice my nipples turning harder. I thought it would be fun if I could be topless for a while, and enjoy the movie.

The movie had erotic scenes and sounds too. For me observing my round tits as and when I could see the reflection on the screen felt horny. I have always loved shaking my boobs when I lie facing the ground, as they seem way sexier then.

So by now, my concentration has drifted from the movie and turned out to be partly my body and partly the movie. I wanted to moisturise my breasts and give them a massage. I sat upright and continued to do so for about 10 minutes.

There comes a beautiful fast number song from the movie now, giving me more energy to enjoy myself. Lying back on my tummy again, I left my right hand, slowly into my shorts and then under the panties to check on the fluids. My pussy has started to lubricate itself for me to finger it easier. I can also feel those tiny bumps and tiny hair growing on my vagina, which I happened to shave recently.

I just wanted to try some different position this time, keeping the laptop apart. I decided to spread my legs and keep it on the wall, long and straight. Ohh wow, it’s exciting to see how boobs seem smaller when we lie upright, facing the ceiling.

I decided to moisturise my pussy again so that rubbing could give more pleasure and fragrance. It was indeed a nice view for me, to take a look at my curvy body, with the legs up straight, hands having fun with my pussy and my boobs which looked like small sand- dunes!

Since my legs are spread apart now, I loved the way how easy it was for my fingers to do deep inside, and vibrate within continuously, with two of my fingers together, just like how a vibrator toy would do and feel those pink and fleshy muscles inside my hole. I love giving intervals in between and then rushing back again to continue masturbating.

Well, so I was finally naked by the end of the movie, experimenting with those sexy moves that I came across in the movie, rolling on the bed naked and trying sexy lip movement (common in most movies) were definitely what drove me to the peak of the arousal, where I could feel my body turn hot as I continuously enjoyed fingering my pussy.

It was also a different experience this time since the visuals gave me an extra hype than my usual masturbation sessions, where I had to imagine situations. The visuals and arousals of the male actor was extremely an added advantage, that gave me a chance of orgasm finally!

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