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Journal Entry 4 – Pleasure After Shaving

Journal Entry 4 - Friday, 8th Jan 2021 Time: 4 PM - Pleasure After Shaving

It’s been about 1 month since I have shaved, my legs and pussy. I was lazy all these days, but yes, sometimes I feel the need to maintain the girliness and that sexy body, so I decided to shave today, while I bath.

I am always excited to bath on the days I plan to shave. It does take a lot of time, but the after-effects are great and satisfying I feel.

I started shaving legs only recently after I joined college. So like most of the time, I feel excited today, to shave down there, and feel the smooth apple-like surface of my pussy.

I wonder how hormones work and how our body reacts as and when we decide to do something. After getting undressed, my nipples have become that extra hard, maybe a sign of temptation beforehand, to enjoy that womanly sexiness.

I love creating that foam before shaving, I do it with my body wash, and the scrub that creates extra foam, more lathered, that can make the process easier and fun. I also like to shave by creating designs on the pussy, so that it would feel sexier.

I also, remove my mirror on the bathroom wall and place it right in front of me, so that I can shave better, with good visualisation. So yes, as I open my legs, to start foaming over my pussy, I could feel that warmth in between in the legs, as I open my legs further to see the hole, open up gradually, where those sensitive pink mouth of the vagina makes me appreciate the worldly creations!

I sit there, observing the lovely vaginal petals, the different skin tones around and within, rubbing my pussy for about 10 minutes and then started to foam over there and start shaving, and arrive at a design. I have not yet decided of what shape I would do it in, but yes, lathering there, seems to be a calming feel.

Though I have made it all ready to shave my pussy first, I changed my decision to shave my legs first, because, that would be easier than the latter. I did the same procedure, to shave my legs and make it silky smooth.

Now, I start to plan a design for my pussy again, to decide on how to make it beautiful,  Why not a heart shape over there? I have previously tried it but turned out to be a flop, unfortunately.

I thought to give it a try again since I have more time and a mirror to do it perfectly. Well, that took about 15 minutes, to carefully, shave around, with a hairy heart in between. Once again, I lathered the rest of the part, Oh wow…I have no words to explain how it felt! The area felt more tender and fresh now, just like how it used to be in pre-puberty period. I could feel the smoothness literally, and I kept imagining how it would be if someone else could rub my pussy for me right now…!

Slowly and slowly, I kept rubbing there and I could feel the fluid mixing with the soap, so there was more than enough lubrication for me to masturbate right now, not for long, since there is soap involved it would burn, but ya…the shaved pussy tempted me to go deep in there, with my fingers, that feel of natural fingering looking at the mirror, with my wet body. The view on the mirror, as and when I could take my fingers in and out of the fresh, shaved and ca learner hole made the process more stimulating. To play by vibrating inside the hole and the movement it caused to my body, that stretch of the abdomen and slight shake of the boobs felt wonderful. I usually apply coconut oil after shaving and rub there so that it remains smooth for a longer time.


The session was quite short this time, which lasted only up to 15 minutes(fingering alone), but what made it more enjoyable was how I observed my wet and shaved body throughout the time.

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