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Journal Entry 30 – The Sexy Ice Cream

Journal Entry 30 Saturday , 17th March 2021 Time: 3 PM - The Sexy Ice Cream

Today things turned out unexpected, yet fun. It was a normal day at home, and I decided to video call my long-distance boyfriend as usual. But it was in between, that my mom called me to have the ice cream.

Talking about the ice cream, it’s been so long I was craving for one, but I was in control, keeping the health factors in mind. So, yeah we had gone to the Ice Cream shop yesterday and bought home a few new flavors and also a family pack. So I was super excited to try it all!

So, there was this new ice cream called “Push Up”( Arun Ice Cream). It had a blue candy flavor, yet the interesting part was its packaging. It was in a plastic tiny cylinder-like shape, which had an attached stick below, which we had to push up each time we finish eating the ice cream, that’s how the shopkeeper explained.

So yes, I paused my video call, mom gave me the ice cream, and I continued on the call. So, I was also confused at the beginning on how to eat it and somehow figured it out. So, yeah I started eating it, which was super yum, but at the same time looked as if giving a blowjob…Haha…my boyfriend too could feel it and he was already aroused and just wanted to masturbate.

But I wanted to enjoy eating the ice cream. He hurried me, and I was also aroused and excited about this new experience because I could feel the same experience of giving a blow job, the texture and how the ice cream looked, once we licked and all that… it felt awesome!

I finished eating and we decided to masturbate on the video call, which we do often. I locked the door and got undressed. I also grabbed my bottle toy(dick-shaped). I ensured to have kept my phone in such a position that we both could make the best of this session virtually. I opened my legs widely, as I could see his super hard cock. I started to rub my pussy with the tip of the toy, imagining his dick rubbing my pussy. So, he wanted me to enact doing a blow job, if the toy was his dick. Hence. I held the toy in such a manner and bent forward to do the same. I wish I ate that ice cream now because it would have been tastier and sexier. I loved the way he admired my breasts moving as I did the blow job on the toy.

I was super aroused by now and just wanted to see him cum. I opened my legs again and placed the phone a bit farther so that he could feel the pleasure like me. I missed feeling his dick, that tenderness, and that feeling. I badly wish if VR was possible through video calls…so unrealistic though! I inserted the toy, inside my pussy, slowly and vibrated within, as he moved his dick in a vibratory motion on the video call. I was simply in a super mood as I enjoyed the movement of the toy inside me. At the same time, I did massage my boobs, with my left hand, and slightly pinched my nipples, I even moaned out of joy and pleasure, which this session gave me.

Then we decided to make it faster like to do it in a faster motion so that he could cum as well. Also, I don’t know why, but I get extra aroused when I see him cum. It just excites me and gives me an addition to my level of orgasm, which I can feel right now.

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