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Journal Entry 3 – Morning Arousals

Journal Entry 3- Friday, 2nd Jan 2021 Time: 7 AM - Morning Arousals

Due to the pandemic last year, I have spent most of the time home, other than at my college hostel. Since the home has always been a comfortable place to be, I have remained braless throughout the time. Even today, right now, I am staring at my body, looking in the mirror, my curvy body, with a 34C bust size and a 36 waist size and those nipples which have just become hard, pointing out, with no specific reason.

I have wondered the reason behind why nipples peep through the clothes, in situations when I am not even horny. But, the irony lies here that when I admire the hard nipples through the clothes, I get aroused too!

This is probably the 5th time, during these 10 months at home that it is happening to me. Those teeny tiny tips drive me to feel them without the clothes over them. To admire my natural figure, in the mirror, the beauty of the tits and those curves of the hips.

I am perfectly glad about my body type, even while being chubby.

I have got no time to waste, it’s time to lock the doors and close down the curtains. I love the vibe that my room gives, with the curtains on and the dim sunlight that comes across. I am wearing shirt like clothing, that allows me to unbutton them, one by one, leading to gradual opening-up of the body, from one curve to the other. As and when I see my round shoulders, adds to the initial pleasure.

So now, it’s just naked me and the clear mirror. On deeply observing my breasts, I felt they are dry and hence decided to moisturize them. I love massaging my boobs with oil or a moisturizer, and I continue doing so. I love shaking them in the fastest motion ever, just like how those actresses in Hollywood songs do with their bikinis on. I find pleasure by massaging them both together at the same time, rubbing them against each other, grabbing them, and making the nipples meet each other, with my 34C  sized bust size is a heavenly feeling.

I turn towards the right, to get a side view of my boobs, how round and pointed their tips are, almost half-inch long by now. My nipples are indeed dark, due to my brown skin type, which I feel is naturally pretty.

I sit on a chair facing the mirror since that makes the boobs feel bustier than lying on the bed on the back. My actions so far have lead the fluid to start their activities and invite my fingers to stimulate them better.

This time, I tend to take the three fingers together since I feel extra horny looking at my round boobs, flashing myself in the mirror. As I start to finger and give them to and fro movement continuously, it was not a gradual process this time, I took no time to tease them around, this was so quick and continuous.

What caused me more arousals is the movement and swinging of the boobs, while I masturbated, slightly like how the boobs jiggle during sex. I wanted my fingers to act harder and harder against the hole, just to admire the movement of the fucking hot boobs. Oh my goodness, sometimes, I feel no partner would give me this level of pleasure, while I secretly hope they do!

Well, that lasted for around 10 minutes, an exclusive session for enjoying the beauty, also embracing those flaws, those stretch marks here and there over the body. Yet again, I did feel a lighter climax, than my recent session.

But yes, I could experience this feeling of freshness, and special freedom of being naked, for my body to have a conversation with the air around, the sunlight, and the mirror itself.

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