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Journal Entry 29 – The Juiciest Session

Journal Entry 29 Thursday , 1st April 2021 Time: 7 PM - The Juiciest Session

I have always been a curd lover and continue to be so. So, yes, today something really interesting happened, something different and something I never thought would happen or end up like this. Yup…I masturbated again, but what made me masturbate or what made me aroused was a yogurt…that too Fruit Yogurt…funny…isn’t it? I had a great day and I had a great post-workout bath, after which I usually eat some fruits or something from the fridge which would be cold and extra juicy. I happened to buy fruit yogurt when I went to buy groceries earlier in the day. So I thought of having it after my workout. Eagerly, I went to the fridge and grabbed that yummy tiny packet of Blueberry flavored yogurt, and went to my room. I sat on the dressing table chair and stretched my legs onto the cot, and started tasting the yogurt. It was super tasty as usual and I continued to eat it with my spoon. I finished eating a quarter of it, while I tried to simply sip it, and unfortunately, it dropped into my cleavage…Lol!! To be honest, it felt good, like a snowball stuck in between my boobs, which then slowly melted. That pleasure did arouse me and wanted to feel more…I remembered how me and my boyfriend used to talk dirty, simply telling all the juicy stuff which we would like to try on each other, and we had even spoken of pouring ice cream on our body parts to enjoy sucking them. Yup….virtual dirty chat has always been fun! I wanted to feel that coolness on my nipples, and cover my areolas with that super chilled and tasty yogurt. So, why not…? I quickly shut the door of my room and removed my top and slightly pulled down the strap of my slip, because I was just too lazy to get all undressed again. The destination was all set now, my nipples were already semi-erect probably due to that dripping effect on my cleavage. I then took the spoon and poured some of the yogurts on my right nipples first…I do not know how to express that feeling in words..all of a sudden I imagined how it would be if women had flavored milk in their breasts, which would of course add spice to sexual intercourse. But also, in reality, it might just end up in tonnes of more assaults against women in a country like India. Leaving all that aside, I simply closed my eyes and felt the goodness of the moment. I wanted to lick it, yet I thought of covering up the left areolas too because otherwise, I would feel incomplete. Ahh… feel that chillness was super special and rare, which I have not experienced ever before.

I kept the yogurt aside, and lifted my left boobs, and licked the yogurt from it, imagining someone else doing it for me. I have genuinely loved the way my boyfriend plays with my boobs, and wish he was here now. I closed my eyes and licked it all, and then did the same to my right breasts which again felt super satisfactory. I did not wanna stop, and so I again poured the leftover yogurt on both of my juicy boobs to suck them more and get the pleasure out of it.

I wished someone could lick my pussy for me right now…with the yogurt on it and make me feel heavenly. But I did not wanna pour the yogurt over there now, because I just had a bath. Yet, to temporarily get satisfaction over there, I rubbed around my clit opening for around 5 minutes and then relaxed.

I did not have an orgasm as such, yet I felt the pleasure at a different peak after trying out this variety of a session, which I loved, all tasty and juicy after all!

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