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Journal Entry 28 – Dirty Hobby

Journal Entry 28 Tuesday , 30th March 2021 Time: 4 PM - Dirty Hobby

Today has been a nostalgic day for me, being at home for months and it’s been more than a year since I met my boyfriend. I was also at a point of being fed up with the long-distance relationship because I felt like I was not even in a relationship and that inability to get that affection and a chance to hang out and go for real dates and all that. Yet, I believe to get it all normal, when it’s the right time perhaps, hence feel positive. So, I decided to rewind all those little good times we spent together when I was in the second year of my college.

As I was reminded of our first kiss at the metro station stairs, how excited we were, how good we felt, and how it all ended. It was quite a quick session though, I would have rewound those moments about 100 times on that day itself! Also, I remember how eager we were for our next meeting so that we could make out more, well planned, and with better understanding. Also, it was after the first kiss that both of us got more open-minded towards each other and that we discussed a lot more personal stuff and even started virtual fun and sexting and all that.

Even now, I wait eagerly for our next meeting to take things to the next level and have a good time. Every time I think of it, I start imagining, about our first sleepover, how it would be and what we would do…if it all happens sometime soon. Yet, the overall mood just gave me arousal and wanting to satisfy myself, to get that feeling of intimacy and exploring. I slowly started massaging my boobs,  , by taking my hands to the boobs from underneath my shirt, which was easier since I was braless. It again reminded me of how we enjoyed ourselves at the theater once, which was the second time he massaged my boobs. I missed that feeling of someone else doing it for me…that goosebumps and rush in mind which happened at that time. All those moments were simply flashing through my mind. As I continued to massage my boobs, first the right and then the left. It made me hornier and I removed my top, to take a look at my erect nipples by now, which were as erect as on that day too. But maybe, I feel like my boobs have increased in size, compared to that day. When will we get a chance again, to try out all curiosities again!

I continued to pleasure myself, by moving my hands down to my pussy. Which is hairy now, but was shaved on that day which was the first time he fingered me. I simply loved the way he did it for me..and how horny we got that day, in the theatre. Hence, I imitated the same manner how he did that day, from touching it slowly at first, like how a stranger slowly steps into a new city, with things unknown, and exploring how it feels like, just the outer covering and then finally finding the destination, which would be my hole, to explore its depth thereafter. I do not remember what he did next, yet, I remembered how well my pussy was fingered, the way he vibrated his fingers while inside my pussy, which I am doing right now, gives me better pleasure and that feeling of experiencing it all again, after quite a long time.

 It feels heavenly I would say. I continued to vibrate my middle finger while inside the hole, for a continuous stretch of about 3 minutes and then took a gap where I undressed completely. It reminded me how we then looked at each other, out of happiness and then him continuing it. Even now, I continued fingering it the second time, for another 3 minutes…to happily get the pleasure of climax. That wonderful feeling of sexual satisfaction, I took a deep breath and lay on my bed naked hugging my pillow!

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