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Journal Entry 27 – Dirty Hobby

Journal Entry 27 Friday , 26th March 2021 Time: 11 AM - Dirty Hobby

I happened to find out a new dirty hobby recently, which I would like to share as a part of this entry of mine. So, I got this idea when my boyfriend and I were casually talking over the phone. He said to me that he had read some interesting stuff on quora and explained to me the whole story. Until then, I used quora only to search for other general questions, and now onwards it gave me a chance to search for hot topics and real experiences of different age groups of people, regarding relationships, their first times, and even sex.

So this gave me another opportunity to educate myself about sex and all that. I started finding it interesting to search for weird topics, especially during my online classes…Lol! So I read stories of their first-time sex and was shocked to see that most have had sex really at a very young age. Yet, it was super interesting and well written by those anonymous writers, every bit was detailed and engaging. So, I was reading this story of a young boy, who had to stay at his far cousin’s sister’s place to give her company as nobody was home. And as the boy enters the home, surprisingly he sees her masturbating in the room, to which his dick reacts and things get spicy.

What an incident it felt really interesting while reading, yet I wondered if things like these could happen at all, and young kids able to do all these…I wondered what I would have done if I was caught in her position. I would think twice before fucking with some guy from my family probably. But yeah…I would not mind fucking with a stranger perhaps. Anyways all these have simply given me arousal to masturbate and satisfy myself because it’s impossible for me to find a person and fuck right now. Also, the end of the story seemed to be a happy one, since the guy ended up teaching the girl different positions and they had a great night!

I do not know why, but the fact is that I really wanna try sex and feel that intimacy. But yes, only with an acceptable person of my choice, preferably my boyfriend of course. All these could happen only in dreams right now, to which I decided to grab that dick-like toy of mine and satisfy myself. I used a pillow as a support this time, to feel like an imaginary partner near me, simply for me to hug and relax. I quickly undressed and lay naked. I kept the pillow on my bed and lay on my tummy in such a way that my stomach part was on the pillow and my pussy in a position easier for me to insert the toy. I inserted it slowly, into my pussy hole and vibrated it for about 2 minutes at a stretch. I also loved the feeling of my boobs seemed longer due to the pillow effect.

Then, I removed the pillow and lay facing the ceiling, with crossed legs. All of a sudden, it reminded me of sex scenes in movies of how they show the girl on the bed, with the guy riding her over there. Now, I inserted the toy in this position, with my legs wide open, slower than before, and enjoyed every bit while inserting and pulling my toy for about 5 minutes. Then I tried making movements by hitting my ass on the bed, and luckily, the bed being a spring bed, gave that vibration which made my boobs jiggle! I wished someone was over me, all ready to cum on my belly button and boobs. Haa….all remains a fantasy.

And successfully, I could feel the happiness of my climax as I saw the toy covered with my white fluid and that feeling of sexual pleasure of course.

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