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Journal Entry 1 – Involuntarily Active Nights

Journal Entry 1 - Friday, 26th Dec 2020 Time: 11 PM Involuntarily Active Nights

Since the mid of my puberty, I have been experiencing random sexual arousals at the midnight, simply all of a sudden a feeling to discover my body, it’s features, my nipples just get harder I start to feel fluid flow out of my vagina to the innerwear. The dim light of the night, makes me feel sexier when I lift my clothes, I don’t completely remove it though and thereafter it’s just an imaginary conversation between me and my hypothetical companion.

Yes, it has again happened, I am just awakened from the middle of sleep to gaze at the street lights outside of my room door. The light rays, make my body glow with sexual intentions.

Firstly, I always start by exploring and teasing my fucking hard nipples, around my boobs, slowly fingering them around and around. Simply exploring them upright doesn’t give enough pleasure, hence, I turn to the left side towards the dim light and see my boobs, how beautiful they are …and the way nipples stand out through them. I leave my hands in between them and feel the warmth and the hotness.

Still, I am not done exploring my boobs, it makes me want more…to see them bounce and shake. It leads me to change my position once again, to lie facing the bed, and just give it a shake…a continuous shoulder shake, to see them swing like water balloons!

That takes away a lot of energy, but yes, the fluids have just flooded in my inners right now, inviting my fingers out there, to the vagina…Off…I am confused, should I just play with the petals of my vagina…or just go inside and leave my finger into the fucking naturally lubricated hole.

Ohh…fuck….that’s the best start ever…to now tease those delicate petals..the tickle over there, the yummy fluid around it…makes me drive for more and more.

The hole is still waiting for the guest…yeah…all I can do is fingering now…since no toys are near my reach…and obviously, fingers make it more natural for yeah…Uff….awww….the first finger has made it through middle finger…let it do its work alone there, when it’s just one finger, I love the way it reaches every here and there, the capability of it to vibrate and reach depth….wtf….that felt great..and so pleasing….though it didn’t pain much…the other fingers are waiting too!

I also love to put three of them at a time, it makes me feel like a thick dick inside of me….and higher of pleasure of all…Ohh…no it does give that hurting pleasure at times…and it’s just fucking awesome.

Oops, the boobs are still hard…let me just rub the fluid out here…aww….they feel moisturized and yum. Hmmm…..that tempts me to suck them…to suck my fluid covered boobs of course….Glad that I have got moderately bigger boobs, with a bra size of 34C, which makes it easy for me to suck them whenever I admire them. But I have to again change my position towards the bed so that sucking them could be easier, as they would simply hang from the chest.

So yes, I have just one more step to that I can get back to sleep happily….to use my middle finger, in the same position and just let it into the hole….to further depths and just tighten my thighs…and that’s done… even though I couldn’t reach orgasm. Maybe that was because of not using a toy. Still, I was well satisfied with the night.

To be honest, I could never figure out why such arousals take place for me all of a sudden, but all I can realize is it’s after effects, post this 20 minutes of hotness – a better sleep, with zero frustrations and sexual pleasure attained. I would be waiting for the next time it hits me, to try out more interesting sensations.

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