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Journal Entry 1 – The Broken Shower Head

Journal Entry 1 Saturday , 21st August 2022 Time: 10 AM - The Broken Shower Head

I was about to take a shower, but my shower head started misbehaving and all the water was leaking from the screw of its head, this is not the first time that this is happening, so, I know how to fix it. 

Bring the stool, stand up on it, move the shower head in clockwise direction, so, that it stays firmly attached and the leaking stops. However, when I was getting down, I saw myself in the mirror and stopped, I don’t know why. 

I removed my black and white printed maxi dress while still having my panties on. I was looking at myself in the mirror and my fingers almost automatically started embracing my body. Starting from the neck, they moved down to my chest and then, breast and took a little tour around my breast before reaching the little black bump. While my left hand fingers were busy with the left bump, my right hand was moving all over my belly, touching the slightly defined abs, then the lining of my black panties. My left hand then moved to my inner thighs, where they slightly scratched the skin. As the tips and edges of my long nails were touching my skin, I was feeling a constant sensation. 

I then removed the only piece of cloth I was wearing and sat down on the stool that I was standing till now, spread my legs, released my hair from the clutcher and clipped them on my nipples and twisted it. While my left hand was busy with this, I was aggressively smashing my right breast with my right hand, this is one habit that my ex boyfriend has gifted me and it still turns me on. I didn’t look down but I know they will be so red and sore after this, that I won’t be able to wear clothes without feeling it at least for 3 to 4 days. But i would never do anything to hurt myself permanently, it is always temporary pain that comes with such great intensity of pleasure. I kept on twisting my nipples and smashing by breast but did not touch myself down there until I could not take it anymore, which happened after sometime. I started moving my right hand down to my spot and started playing with my clit and continued for sometime before I thrusted my fingers in.

So, I thrusted my middle and my ring finger inside as deep as I can and pulled them out a little and kept on doing this until my mom asked me to come out because I was taking too much time. So, I couldn’t satisfy myself and had to stop. 

However, I was watching a bl(boyslove), “kinnporsche” in the evening and that, again, turned me on and when I saw that the risk of getting disrupted is minimum, I entered bathroom with clothes as if I want to take a shower and then I started what was due. 

I was already about to cum so I directly jumped into IT. This time I used a cleaned new toothbrush fresh from the packet(I have OCD) and thrusted its back into me, but it wasn’t enough, so, I thrusted another, they weren’t enough either so I thrusted another, this time it was enough. I thrusted them as deep as I can and pulled them back a little then, thrusted them again and kept on repeating, as I was going in and out, my senses were going numb, I felt relaxed, more and more relaxed with every thrust until I released. 

After I release, it is not always the case that I feel extremely happy but I do feel relieved and also a little fresh. This time also I felt nice and as I had a lot of pressure due to University tasks, it felt like it helped me calm down a little.

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