Journal Entry 3 – A new discovery

I was in the study when my partner walked in and announced. 

“I am starving.”

“What would you like?” I responded.  

“No-no, I am hungry but not for food. I want something better than that. You know, something I could get without looking around for it. Maybe something or SOMEONE that’s already in front of me…”

I roll my eyes at him and continue working. He comes closer and whispers, “You know I wasn’t joking, don’t you? I want you, right now, right here, and I am not taking no for an answer, love.” He spins my chair around and grabs my neck while pulling me in for a kiss.

“Hey!” I pull back and exclaim as I try to protest. Before any more words escape my mouth, he plants another long wet one.

“I want to feel your lips on me.”  He already had his dick out and was stroking it lightly. I saw his eyes sparkle with a slight menace as he gathered my hair with his other hand and pushed my head towards his crotch. “I want to feel your lips on me…ah!” He repeated and exclaimed as my lips wrapped around the soft tip of his penis.

My tongue licked and circled the head while my hand stroked it and pulled the foreskin back. I stroked his dick back and forth as I sucked, taking him in deeper and deeper each time. I knew he wanted to take control when he held my hair together with both of his hands and started moving his pelvis. He started slow and increased his momentum. With each thrust and minimum time to breath, I gag and choke. As the speed builds, I start drifting out of sleep.

With my heart pounding in my throat and bullets of sweat coating my face and neck, I sit up and look around the room, dazed. “Ughh, it was getting towards the best part. I wish he were here in reality.” I thought. I haven’t met him in 5 years.

I lie back down, wiping my face with the back of my hand.

“I should at least finish what he started.”

It was dark, cold, and rainy. A ray of the street light crept into my room illuminating it just enough for me to be able to see my body. I slowly unbutton my nightshirt and unzip my sports bra as I recollect my partner’s bare body. I have always been in a habit of even sleeping with a bra on due to the size and weight of my breasts. The cold air suddenly hits my sensitive skin letting a shiver run down my spine. I pull my shorts off, revealing my nakedness underneath. I could feel a string of sticky wetness coat my thigh as the shorts slid down my legs. I lie on my bed, lightly caressing my nipples as I reminisce about my dream. The slight patter of the rain soothing me and putting me in a trance as the ever-straying droplets of water left their path and dripped onto my naked body. 

I slowly move my hand towards my vagina and fondle the lips feeling my fingers glide through the shaved opening. The wetness dripped downwards towards my butt now. I massaged myself and touched my clit lightly each time that my hand moved upwards. With every tiny tap, my body trembles. I navigate my hand through the folds of my vagina and push my finger in, swirl it around and feel the textured insides. The glazed finger then swivels on top of the clitoris. Now two fingers dip in. I move them slowly, in and out, and then let the wet strands coat my nipples as I touch them one by one. 

The air feels even colder on my bosom now. I move my hand back down and put the two fingers in as the other hand gently moves across the clit and taps on it. I thrust my hand faster now and put it in my mouth to taste the saltiness. As I remember the dream and how intense and real the dick felt as it touched my throat, I let my fingers go deeper towards my throat and I gag as I pull it out. I put one of the, now lubed with spit, fingers in, then the second. The third enters with a shove making a gasp escape my mouth. I cover my mouth with the other hand, wondering if someone heard it. I replace my hand on my clit and start rubbing it, slightly at first and then with more and more intensity while I keep my fingers inside me, unmoving, just filling my insides. I could feel the ecstasy with the electricity leaving my vagina, into my thighs, towards my shins, and finally, my feet. My toes curl up from the extremity of the sensation. My legs go limp as I shed the last lot of intensity out of my body. 

I was tired but satisfied. It was nearly daybreak now. The rain had stopped while the scent of the wet soil lingered in the air. The pattering sound had been replaced by the chirping of birds. I could see my body more clearly now. Tender and red. My chest heaving with each heavy breath I took, making my boobs jiggle the slightest bit. I turn to my side and cuddle my body pillow with one leg over it. My clit slightly rubs against its shape and I shudder. 

With my eyes closed, I imagined the body pillow to be my partner which made me hug it even more tighter.

“I genuinely hope the dream of mine turns to reality someday.” 

I think as I drift back into sleep, falling back into the continuity of the dream.