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Journal Entry 1 – Getting Back to the routine

I relieved myself after about 2 weeks today. After the first lockdown lifted and the offices started opening up again, the workload was an all time high and although since the quarantine I had gotten into  the habit of doing it every other day, the last 14 days were more hectic than ever  and due to some hiccups I had lost touch with it. At the end of yet another long tiring day, I went to my room and after 14 days, actually stood in front of my full length mirror just to look at myself. Taking every detail in, I eye the reflection from the front, from the side, from the other side. I quickly get out of my work clothes still noticing the image in the mirror. I took my bra off as well, leaving my underwear on and wore just a long loose white t-shirt.

“What does someone think when they see me ?” I wondered as I stretched and folded my t-shirt to let the curvature of my body shine through. “Do they notice how firm my ass is or how brawny my legs are ?” I move my gaze to my bosom and clench the clothing tighter as my braless breasts perk up. “Well, my boobs must take all the attention since they are so big and jiggly for my tiny body. I let the shirt fall as it may and move my hands around my lower half, trying to feel it. My freshly shaved legs, the smoothness going up to my thighs and around my butt. I move up and hold onto my love handles. As a tingle runs through my body, I touch my dips and feel the tiny goosebumps all over me while I move my hands around and admire the view.

I turned around and bent a bit to see my long loose t-shirt lift up enough to let a bit of my tiny cheeky butt to sneak a view.

“It’s cute”, I thought, “tiny but round and plump.” I slap my ass to see it jiggle, that hit let a tingle run up my spine and I can feel my nipples getting harder under my t-shirt. I feel them just moving and grazing under the t-shirt as I sway my hips slightly.

Oh, how that arouses me. I slap it a few more times before I remove my underwear. I notice that my ass is already red from the spanking. I turn around as I lift my t-shirt and tuck it under my boobs to cinch them. I pulled a chair from my dresser and sat there with my legs spread apart. The position made my clit pop out from under its hood. I could see the shiny, dark skin with a tiny streak of wetness. I felt my clit and right as I touched it, a shriek escaped my lips. I look at my face. It already looks red and hot. I bite my lower lip, tearing a tiny bit of the skin off, as I move my hand to touch it again. It feels so soft and sensitive under my finger. But since I needed more lube I moved my hand down and touched my hole, the wetness made my fingers sticky at the first swipe. I put one finger in and then immediately the other, I can feel the insides welling up and drenched. I move my hands in and out, in and out, in and out until I have enough of it coating my fingers and then I pull on my clit with the other hand as I rub it.

I can feel the heat rising. It’s moving through my legs and reaching my feet. The soles of my feet, tingling and my toes curling up already. Just seeing enough but not too much and leaving the rest to the imagination, as my nipples try to stick out through the thin white T, makes me feel more intensity than anything ever before. Even though it’s my own body, I feel so hungry for it. As I keep rubbing my clit, I can feel the tension build up. I stop tugging at it and put the other hand inside me, it’s so wet that the leather seat of the chair is covered with transparent stickiness, two fingers slide in easily and I start to grind on them. The pressure of my hand makes my clit move out more and now the touch was even more intense. My boobs jiggle under the t-shirt as I move my body and arms, inching towards an orgasm. My breathing gets heavier and heavier with each stroke and soon I can’t control my moans from turning into tiny subdued screams.

“I hope no one can hear me.”

“Oh, fuck, oh…ah, this feels so…go…good.”

“I don’t want this to end.”

“Maybe I should try edging.”

“Ah, fuck, this is so hot. I don’t want to stop, I can’t.”

Multiple thoughts slither into my mind as I shiver from the building orgasm. I can feel the fluids escaping my vagina more freely now as it runs down my hand and onto the seat, coating my ass with itself. I can feel my whole body tense up as the energy flows towards my feet and back up until I can feel it at the back of my neck and in my head. As I reached the peak, my clit couldn’t take anymore rubbing and I took my hand off but let my body ease as I slowly let the grinding stop. As my body loses its tension, it shakes itself in pleasure and a calm shrouds my body. My legs feel weak as I pull them closer together, and I sit there bent over my knees trying to catch my breath.

“Haha…this will be a bitch to clean up.” I say out loud. “But if going so many days without masturbating makes me so horny, I guess I will practice more patience. I guess I should make myself wait and crave for it more than just it to myself whenever.”

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