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Journal Entry 5 – Happy Ending

There is nothing more beautiful than the mountains and the men on ‘em. I can fight anyone who disagrees.

I visited the Batashia Loop today in Darjeeling, saw the Sun rising on the Kanchenjunga. I got a glimpse of what Heaven might look like. That’s the closest to Heaven this sinner will ever be. Sunbeams danced on the snow and ice tops, blinding us with their performance. It was like molten metal, more like molten diamonds. Life felt complete today.

We took a tour of the Tiger Hills, Ghum and took a long drive to Gangtok. We got the cutest driver, Ning Tamang. He has been with us for the last couple of days. Our travel agency did us right. I avoid good looking young men when I’m with Dad. He starts being mean to them if they try to talk to me. Kaustav is the exception, ofcourse. So this Ning guy let the first two days slide; things were ignorable until yesterday. So we were at this place having breakfast; I was feeling freezing. So mom asked me to wait in the car till they paid the bills and all. I always take the right window. I was sitting in the car for some time, and when I looked up, I saw Ning staring at me from the rearview mirror; he immediately smiled, taking me a bit by surprise.

 “So Anushka is it?” he asked me in a typical pahari accent.  I smiled. “I’m Ning,” he said. I nodded.

I don’t know why, but speaking to him without parental supervision seemed illegal. I dug back into my phone. My parents were back and we resumed our journey. For the rest of the day, I would catch glimpses of him staring at me while he was driving. Yikes. Where was this going? I reached Gangtok in the evening and settled in for the day.

I just freshened up and had dinner an hour back. I called up Kaustav and told him about this Ning guy. My sick fuck of a boyfriend started teasing me about Paharis having tiny dicks. Yes, Kaustav is a racist asshole, I will never deny it. My parents befriended our next-door hotel neighbors; they were busy socializing. I came back to the room to warm myself up with Kaustav.

 I took him on call, and he was in the mood for some role play. He started asking me about Ning. He gave a brief description about Ning being alone in the car, with me in the front seat, placing his hands on my knee and riding up my leg. Kaustav breathed into my ear, with my eyes closed, his heavy breathing usually more than enough to warm me up. He asked me to imagine Ning moving his hands up to the apex of my thigh and giving my bigger lips a gentle squeeze while brushing my right breast as he went higher. I could hear Kaustav breathe shallowly. He held his dick in his hand, letting me know how he squeezed it. I lowered my hand under the elastic of my pants. My cold fingers burned against my warm labia. My pussy hairs had started to grow back; I moved my nails through them as I touched my clit, still soft, starting to warm up. Ning was now kissing me down my neck, with my voluptuous breasts in both hands, kneading them, as he licked me down to my cleavage.

This ticked my insides; I pinched my clit, Kastav had now started to rub his shaft a bit faster. My fingers started making circles around in my pussy. I imagined my breasts pop out of my top, out in the open, being licked and pulled. Kaustav explained how he would unbutton my pants, pull them down and cusp his mouth over my slit. He would then push my tongue inside, making his way onto my clit, flicking me. I was aroused. I squeezed my boobs and spread my legs, giving my other fingers more space to explore. I was developing an itch in my pussy that had to be taken care of. I rubbed myself hard, letting out a moan, Kaustav moaned with me; I could hear him fapping rough and breathless. I was getting wet.

Kaustav kept telling me how he would bring out his dick to my face, lift my legs in the car and fuck me hard and rough. I wanted to feel the pounding. I flushed two of my fingers together into my hole, wet and oozing from all his moaning, and I fingered myself faster, imagining a strong, rough man grinding against me. I felt a current pulsate through me, making my hole hungry. I arched my back and deepened my thrusts, Kaustav moaning feverishly. I was climbing a sweet, sweet peak when I suddenly heard the doorknob roll.


I yanked my hands out; I was still under a duvet, pulling my T-shirt over my breasts. My parents were back. Kaustav was still in my ears, panting as his ending drew closer. I muted the phone not to discourage him with my parents in the background. I sat up as my parents started talking about the new neighbors. Kaustav jerked himself rough and finally drew to an ending, leaving behind an absolute delicious moan while I sat up smiling at my parents, my pussy dripping from the savage want of a thick filler. I hung up, texting him what happened.

Absolute bullshit of a feeling being half wet and half done. My pussy is still pulsating with disappointment. I washed up and am now going to bed. Well, you can’t always have a happy ending now, can you?

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