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Journal Entry 4 – The Himalayan Fuck

I reached Darjeeling last night. Me, mom, and dad. Our first outing since the Covid19 outbreak. 

My dad was pretty skeptical about a trip amidst Corona. I whined him to death until he was convinced. I was dying to be out of home.

We reached pretty late. We took the train, the flights were way too expensive this time around. I was exhausted. I got the bed near the balcony, my parents were on the farther bed.  I undressed, washed up, went straight to bed.

Today morning I woke up with my mom shaking me while it was still dark. 

“You’ll miss the sunrise!”, She said.

As much as my heart wanted to, I yelled, “Tomorrow!” and pulled the duvet over me. 

I woke up with light hitting my eyes, the sun was up. Mom had opened the blinds to the shutters Infront of the balcony. I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

It was pure white light. The sun glistened off the Himalayas. The snow peaks cladded with snow. I had seen nothing like this. I was in awe.

The beauty was unbelievable. I kept staring at it for some time. I wanted to show this to Kaustav. I video called him. 

I showed him my view from the bed. And we talked about our journey. It was freezing, my nipples were perked up and he pointed that out to me. 

I started laughing and got back sooner under my duvet. That distracted me a bit. 

He kept staring at me, smiling.

“Show me,” he said.

I like where this was headed. I got up and locked the main door. My parents were probably out scouring the locality. They’ll be back anytime now. 

I got back to my bed. 

I turned to my side and brought the camera close to my breast. I rolled my fingers on the nipples over my pajamas. His eyes were fixed on them. He asked for more. 

I unbuttoned my pajamas and slid out a boob. I could see long perky nipples staring into my phone. 

I gently squeezed my breast, tugging on the nipple. I could see his mouth open.

“Show me now,” I told him. 

He adjusted the phone and turned on his side. He slid his hand inside the track pants and yanked out his dick, which had started to grow.

My mount dried up at his sight.  I pulled out both my boobs and started playing with him. I kept jiggling them the way he likes. Squishing them with one hand while making them bounce vigorously. This turns him on. The perks of having enormous boobs are that you can play with them as much as you want.

I asked him to pull on himself, straightening his entire thick length. My areolas covered my screen, and I could see his eyes tranced on them.

He started to stroke himself, rubbing his like thumb over his tip. He went up and down his shaft, with his eyes feeding on my nipples. I removed the duvet, pulling down my pants.

I spread my legs, holding the phone in one hand, allowing him the gallery view of my parted lips. He asked me to touch myself. So I did.

I started circling my clitoris with a finger. He started stroking his dick with the same momentum, gently squeezing on it. I brought him closer, his mouth parted. I spread my hole with my fingers. He was rubbing two fingers over it, steadily slipping them inside. I tilted my hips, pushing on my fingers. Two of my fingers slid inside me.

He started stroking himself faster, with sudden moans.

I started jerking my fingers fast. My insides started to warm up. I could see the tip of his dick moistening up. I wanted to touch him. Kaustav had his head tilted back, the phone was not steady anymore.

I fingered myself real fast, eyes fixed on his dick, my insides exploded, leaving me gasping. He let out a moan and came. His cum was all over his belly, he rolled to get something to wipe himself. He looked up and smiled as I lay there, turning my head back to the mountains.

What a sweet, sweet morning.

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