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Journal Entry 1 – My Love For David Axelrod

I finished reading the final chapter of Endless Love by Scott Spencer. I have turned into a hopeless romantic, rummaging through David and Jade’s romance, devouring their passionate lovemaking within two days. I wanted to hot talk with my boyfriend for a bit. But apparently, Kaustav is a day owl. This winter has turned me into a sad romantic, left all alone under a blanket of warmth. I pulled up the blanket over my head, trying to dream myself to sleep.

I closed my eyes and visualized the passion with which Jade and David made love. It was sweaty, it was hot with bodies twirling around one another. I could feel my insides curl in. I wanted that kind of passion for myself.

The more I thought about the way he kissed her down her neck, the heavier my breathing became. I had an urge to touch myself and make myself feel the love I was missing.


The blanket had turned me warm. I ran my hands over my breast, giving them a gentle squeeze. I glide my left hand under my panty, feeling the spikes of freshly shaven pussy. My fingers feel the damp moisture of my crevice. I run it along with the opening and push its way onto the clit.

It has been a very long time since I’ve had sex. I am dying for Kaustav to get on top of me. That man likes to fuck hard. Just thinking about the way he does me gets me fired up. I rub my clit more. A shiver ran through my body. There’s nothing I loved more than my clit being loved. My ears turned warm. My lower belly started feeling like it’s getting pulled from inside. I started rubbing my clit harder.

The only thing I could think of was a man like David, strong and mature, digging his face into my pussy. Closing his lips around my clit and sucking on it. I am starving for some hard dick. Kaustav would lift my legs and blow a sudden thrust, making me lose my mind.

I’m gasping for breath. I feel my juices oozing out, I am wet.  I slowly started moving my fingers over my vagina. Moving my fingers in, she swallowed ’em hole.  I moved my hips in rhyme, thinking about how it feels to fuck flesh on flesh.

I started moving my fingers fast—the friction causing my insides to go warm. I could feel the heat growing inside me, letting out a moan. My mouth wide open, my lips going dry. I spread my legs wider and started moving my hips, pushing it on my fingers. I hooked my fingers, rubbing the soft mass of flesh inside my hole. I run my right hand over my chest, clutching onto my breasts. My nipples erect. The blanket has gone down, now covering just my lower half. The winter chill making my nipples rock hard.

My mind has started to go blank. I need a thick, thick dick inside me – the push, the thrust, his warm breathing on me. I started moaning. My hips are synchronous to my fingers now. My wrist has started to pain, but I can’t stop – it was amazing!  

I feel a heavy push down on my fingers, I gasped. My fingers curled inside. I came, my fingers drenched in juices. My panty’s wet.


I feel exhausted.

 I lay there on the bed for some time. It felt like it was all I needed after a long tiring day. I started to drift into sleep. My mind went on and on about a real man with me right now. I didn’t feel like getting up. I rolled on aside and took a tissue from my drawer and wiped myself dry. I pulled the blanket over. I thought about David for the next few minutes as I drift off to sleep.

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